New Hamilton app lets Chicago see show for less

My daughter, Max, is thirsty to see Hamilton. I am as well, but with a college tuition to pay one has to wonder if it’s worth shelling out hundreds of dead presidents to see a show about dead founding fathers and costs almost as much as her education. But now, the theater gods are smiling, or singing, because there is now a new app to purchase cheaper Hamilton 

Jenina Nuñez joins FCB as Director of Communications

McDonald’s veteran Jenina Nuñez has joined FCB Chicago as Director of Communications. With experience working on some of the most visible consumer brands and cultural events in the world, she brings an incomparable dose of relevance to the agency. Nuñez will oversee FCB’s public relations and corporate communications efforts

Sam Jackson sings, Bears go red, Kirk leaves Sun-Times

I’ve been meaning to write about this for the last couple of weeks since I saw it, but finally got around to it. Have you seen the new Sam Jackson spot for Capital One and Spotify?If you haven’t, it’s just a fun little piece where Sam puts the moves to Al Green’s classic song, “Let’s Stay Together.” As Jackson croons, Capital One announces that with the Quicksilver Card cli

Dustin Kaufman leads Cutters' expansion into KC

Longtime Chicago post house Cutters Studios announced the promotion of Dustin Kaufman to the position of editor, and the immediate launch of a new satellite studio in Kansas City, which Kaufman will lead. “Dustin is extremely creative and visionary, but he is also one of the most driven, determined, hard-working individuals I have ever had the pleasur

Highdive work, Oprah deal, Kendall spot, Hip Hop bday

Boutique start-up Highdive, launched last year by former DDB creatives Mark Gross and Chad Broude, announced its first new project-based assignments.The shop is set to promote Barilla’s new Ready Pasta and Marriott Signature’s new EMC2 hotel in DTC as well as unspec

VSA, Museum of Science and Industry reignite curiosity

These days, with so many of us seemingly caught up in what selfie to post, Beyoncé, The Real Housewives or whether or not Kellyanne’s eye luggage has gotten puffier, the topic of science feels pushed to the side. Some would even say it feels trite right now. Which seems strange given that we have a never-ending stream of talk about rising ocean levels, populations, disea

Advertising agencies are digging SUM1’s new digs

Shortly after Sum1 opened four years ago, the audio post and sound design boutique became known as an unofficial extension of the advertising agencies it served. Since moving into a customized studio at 180 N. Michigan Ave. earlier this year, that reputation is now just a few steps away from most of Chicago’s largest shops. “No more hailing a ride,

ReelChicago bids a sad farewell to Rod O'Connor

ReelChicago is saddened to announce that our friend and longtime associate, Rod O’Connor, passed on July 27. O’Connor, 53, succumbed to complications involving a blood clot in his lungs.A native of Galesburg, IL, Rod held several positions at Screen Magazine, the publication that Ruth Ratny launched prior to founding ReelChicago, in the late 90s and early 2000s.He began as

New report alleges unfair bidding practices in ad biz

An August 9 report from the Association of National Advertisers claims that agencies steer business away from vendors and into their own in-house production units through deliberate manipulation of the bidding process for “commercials, music, events and other materials.”

LA Filmmaker keeps roots in Chicago in docu-series

When former Chicago Screenwriters Network member and filmmaker Erin R. Dooley decided to make a collaborative self-help film project while walking the The Wicklow Way, an 85-mile stretch through the mountains in Ireland, she immediately turned to her friends back in Illinois.They told her to take a hike. She did.The result is a four-episode YouTube docu-series called Wander on Pur

Intersection creates rolling Grubhub installation

If you don’t have a thing for sushi, then this probably won’t appeal to you. But since I do in a BIG way, let’s talk about the awesome new installation New York-based Intersection, a digital and experiential agency, has erected for Grubhub on State Street.Intersection, which claims is reinventing the way brands connect with people in dense urban areas, engaging people where they ar

Sandro Miller channels David Lynch with John Malkovich

In director Sandro Miller’s 17-minute short, Psychogenetic Fugue, actor John Malkovich portrays a selection of characters from David Lynch films, reenacting the scenes that made them famous.For viewers, it’s a spine-tingling journey through the mind of a genius, a surreal exhibition of audiovisual madness, and a trippy tour of historic cinema. For Miller, it’s the latest w  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.