French Butter adds Director / DP / Photographer Jennifer Davick

French Butter

French Butter has significantly buffed up its talent roster by signing director, DP, and photographer Jennifer Davick. The announcement, made on April 16, 2024, marks a strategic move for the company as it aims to strengthen its creative capabilities and geographical presence.

Davick, based in Los Angeles, brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in visual storytelling, particularly in the realm of food-centric content. Her eclectic background, which includes editorial work for magazines and collaborations with renowned brands such as Starbucks, General Mills, and Williams Sonoma, positions her as a valuable asset to the French Butter team.

One of Davick’s standout achievements is her short film documenting the sumptuous black sesame dessert at San Francisco’s Lazy Bear restaurant, which garnered accolades at prestigious events like the NYC Food Film Festival and the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards.

Her ability to capture the essence of food and evoke emotions through her work aligns seamlessly with French Butter’s commitment to excellence in culinary storytelling.

French Butter’s Founding Director Brett Froomer is excited about the potential Davick’s signing represents for both the company as well as for the director herself. “Jennifer’s eye and aesthetics focus on modern sensibilities towards people and food,” he observes, “and her fresh and enthusiastic personality allows her to approach what’s in front of her lens with a distinctly feminine signature. She’s the entire package – director, photographer, DP and a bright, intuitive character. I’m thrilled to be working with her at French Butter.”


Davick says she’s bid against French Butter in the past, and was introduced by a mutual producer contact. “And it just felt like a good fit,” she remarks. “We both have a lot of drive, and work really hard. I see a future for us where we’re setting the standard for innovation and creativity, and adding a sense of emotional resonance to the work we produce.”

In signing with the woman-owned company, Davick says she’s looking forward to being at a food-focused boutique that’s working at the cutting edge of production. “For me, French Butter is appealing because we have a very similar drive. And Brett and I share some common values, too; we’re both very passionate about the work.”

“Adding Jennifer to French Butter is a tremendous boost in more ways than one,” adds Executive Producer Irec Kriske. “Not only is she supremely talented, with an air of sophisticated confidence about her, but she’s also an amazing entrepreneur: building out and managing a studio space, as she’s done on her own at Ingredient Studios in L.A. With her on board, French Butter adds a West Coast studio to our infrastructure, in addition to our 20,000 square foot Pilsen Studios in Chicago. It gives us tremendous range when it comes to meeting clients’ needs, whether those be creative, budgetary or technical.”

Davick savors the possibilities, too. “I joined French Butter to be part of a team, and I think theirs is particularly strong, while also feeling more intimate. I love the fact that I will be a part of this wonderfully talented roster including Brett and Etienne Proulx. And I think I’m going to thrive in this environment. We all share values but offer distinct differences in our approach, which will let us overlap as a team and support each other. This means our clients are going to get really good results.”