Vincent Shade covers NAB 2024

We all know what this week was about.

As NAB 2024 wraps up a successful run in Vegas, director Vincent Shade has checked in to give us the photo coverage of all that NAB had to offer this year.

After spending a week of indulging in THE creative geek’s toy store and soaking up every workshop he can fit into his waking hours, Vince reports back, that, to no one’s surprise, Virtual production and AI were the big subjects at the conference.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a taste of what went on this week at NAB 2024:

NAB 2024

This is the LED virtual production setup

Chicago’s own Tech whiz Gary Adcock, executive director of Filmscape, was a star player at NAB this year, as he was at the forefront and design over 30 training courses.

When I asked Vince if he had time to drop a coin in a slot while he was in Vegas, he replied, “Well, I don’t like to gamble. I don’t like to drink either, so I guess I’m no fun in Vegas, but I do love this technological conference and all my fellow nerds as well!”

Wishing everyone safe travels home. Vince plans to drop in at our office at CineCity Studios when he returns. Can’t wait to hear more details of what impressed him the most.