Danny DeVito highlights quality and authenticity in Jersey Mike’s campaign

Jersey Mike's

Highdive’s latest campaign for Jersey Mike’s continues “It’s a Jersey Mike Thing.” Here, the sandwich chain doubles down on its focus on authenticity and dedication to quality. By highlighting the morning prep work in every Jersey Mike’s store, the campaign underscores the brand’s commitment to doing things the right way, every day.

And who better to bring the message than current JM’s spokesman, Danny DeVito?

The first spot, “Wakey Wakey,” DeVito gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the morning routine at Jersey Mike’s. From freshly slicing produce to baking bread and grilling bacon, DeVito emphasizes the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every sandwich. Watch below:

In the second spot, “Can’t Fake It,” DeVito in a motion control suit, drives home the message that there are some things in life that you simply can’t fake, and a great sub is one of them. By highlighting the process of slicing subs to order and using freshly prepped ingredients, Jersey Mike’s emphasizes its commitment to authenticity and quality. This authenticity is a key differentiator for the brand and resonates with its loyal customer base.


Overall, Highdive’s campaign effectively and humorously showcases what makes Jersey Mike’s unique and reinforces its position as a beloved brand with passionate followers. By focusing on authenticity and quality, the campaign captures the essence of the Jersey Mike’s experience and leaves viewers craving one of their signature subs.


BRAND: Jersey Mike’s

  • Peter Cancro, Founder and CEO
  • Tatiana Cancro, Executive Vice President
  • Rich Hope, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Jeff Hemschoot, Vice President Marketing
  • Phil Holcomb, Director of Graphic Services
  • Kelly McGee, Director of Digital Marketing
  • John Welch, Regional Vice President of Operations
  • Steve Youlios, Franchise Owner
  • George Youlios, Franchise Owner
  • Daniel Acuna, Franchise Owner
  • Angel Velazquez, Area Director
  • John Welch, Operations
  • Wes Hardin, Operations

AGENCY: Highdive

  • Mark Gross, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer
  • Chad Broude, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer
  • Megan Lally, Co-Owner, CEO
  • CJ Nielsen, Group Account Director
  • Julie Merkin, Account Director
  • Jamie Lazaroff, Account Supervisor
  • Alex Zamiar, Group Creative Director
  • Jonathan Richman, Group Creative Director
  • Erin Nedelman, Art Director
  • Tim Flemke, Copywriter
  • Jen Passaniti, Head of Production
  • Adam Battista, Executive Producer
  • Johannah Scarlet, Senior Producer
  • Kevin Smith, Associate Producer
  • Kelley Beaman, Director of Business Affairs
  • Joanna Peltier, Senior Manager, Business Affairs


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