State Farm’s hilarious Scarecrow is a “no-brainer”

State farrm

State Farm’s latest commercial, “No-Brainer,” created by Highdive, offers a fresh take on the iconic magic jingle campaign. In this fun new spot, viewers witness the consequences of summoning the wrong entity in a moment of insurance need.

A part of State Farm’s ongoing “Right Kind of Magic” campaign, the new creative introduces a scarecrow and dives into the repercussions of calling upon incorrect assistance during an insurance dilemma. Highdive’s creative approach once again infuses humor and intrigue into the narrative, captivating audiences with each unexpected twist. Watch below:


A notable feature of the spot is the practical scarecrow facial construction, meticulously crafted by Legacy Effects. This innovative technique involves rendering, casting, and on-set application to achieve a convincing portrayal of the character. The result is a seamless integration of practical effects, enhancing the authenticity and impact of the commercial’s storyline.

State Farm continues to demonstrate its commitment to engaging storytelling and memorable advertising campaigns with “No-Brainer.” By combining creative concepts with practical effects, the company reinforces its brand identity and delivers a compelling message to viewers.

Prepare to be entertained and intrigued by this latest addition to the “Right Kind of Magic” campaign.

BRAND: State Farm

  • Kristyn Cook, Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer
  • Alyson Griffin, Marketing Vice President
  • Patty Morris, AVP, Marketing
  • Greg Sutter, Marketing Director, Creative Content
  • Christine Williams, Manager (LDA), Creative Content
  • John Ruebush, Senior Creative Strategist
  • Tammy White, Senior Creative Strategist
  • Tim Thomas, Senior Producer
  • Hilary Wahlheim, Senior Producer (LDA)
  • April Conttrell, Senior Line Producer
  • Pam Thomas, Senior Line Producer
  • Amber Riccinto, Senior Photographer
  • Michael Girard, Senior Photographer

AGENCY: Highdive

  • Megan Lally, CEO, Co-Founder
  • Chad Broude, CCO, Co-Founder
  • Mark Gross, CCO, Co-Founder
  • Brian Culp, Group Creative Director
  • Katie Bero, Group Creative Director
  • Matt Collier, Creative Director
  • Wayne Robinson, Creative Director
  • Ben Doessel, Creative Director
  • James Lee, Creative Director
  • Suzanne Stovall, Group Account Director
  • Sarah Wickman, Account Director
  • David Quinn, Account Director
  • Megan Peirona, Senior Account Executive
  • Rasheed Owens, Account Executive
  • Jen Passaniti, Head of Production
  • Luke LiManni, Executive Producer
  • Chris Totzke, Senior Producer
  • Alex Cacioppo, Senior Strategist
  • Kelley Beaman, Director of Business Affairs
  • Annie Paganini, Senior Manager, Business Affairs


  • Director: Jim Jenkins
  • Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
  • Executive Producer/Producer: Marc Grill

EDIT: Cutters

  • Editor: Tim LoDolce (This Is Ludicris, Nightmare)
  • Editor: Grant Gustafson (Joking, Shoot)
  • Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Melby
  • Producer: Patrick Casey
  • Executive Producer: Heather Richardson

VFX: Kevin

  • Executive Creative Director/ Partner: Tim Davies
  • Senior Executive Producer/ Partner: Sue Troyan
  • Lead VFX Artist: Gareth Parr
  • VFX Producer: Andrew Cowderoy
  • Compositors: Paul Downes, Rob Winfield
  • Sound Design & Mix: Another Country
  • Sound Designer / Mixer: Peter Erazmus
  • Audio Assistant: Lucas Hansa
  • Managing Director: Tim Konn
  • Executive Producer: Louise Rider
  • Producer: Josh Hunnicutt

COLOR: Company 3

  • Colorist: Tim Masick
  • Color Producer: Ryan Moncrief


  • PR: Zeno Group, The Scratch Collective
  • Media: OMD, Optimum Sports
  • Creative: TMA
  • Talent: Creative License