Jesse Lee Soffer, Jon Seda take pics at Chicago P.D. wrap party

Chicago P.D.

The conclusion of filming for season 11 of Chicago P.D. was marked by a festive wrap party, where the cast and crew bid farewell to Tracy Spiridakos, known for her role as Detective Hailey Upton.

Spiridakos’ final episodes are scheduled to air in May, leaving fans eager for closure, with hopes of a possible return from Jesse Lee Soffer’s character, Detective Jay Halstead.

Soffer, who recently directed an episode and made a return to the set, joined the celebrations at the wrap party. Photos from the event captured Soffer mingling with fellow cast members, crew, and enthusiastic fans. However, it was another unexpected return that stole the spotlight.

Jon Seda, best known as Detective Antonio Dawson, also made a surprise appearance at the wrap party, much to the delight of fans. His unexpected presence sparked excitement and speculation among attendees, as many expressed their hopes for Antonio’s return to the show.

In a shared image from the event, Soffer was seen alongside Benjamin Levy Aguilar (Officer Dante Torres) and Jason Beghe (Hank Voight). However, it was Seda’s presence that generated buzz and fueled speculation about the potential revival of Antonio Dawson’s character. This excitement comes after Seda departed from the show to work on another NBC drama, La Brea, which has since been canceled.

β€œIt was great to see you guys! #onechicago #chicagopd photo,” Seda posted..


Fans of Chicago P.D. took to social media to share their excitement and hopes for Dawson’s comeback, reminiscing about the impact of Seda’s character on the series. The unexpected reunion at the wrap party left fans eagerly anticipating what the future holds for their beloved characters.

Spiridakos, who plays Detective Hailey Upton, also featured prominently in photos from the event. She was seen with actress Angelica Santoyo, who shared her experience as a stand-in for multiple actors on the show.

It was a night filled with celebration, surprises, and heartfelt reunions. As fans eagerly await the upcoming episodes, the unexpected return of Seda has sparked renewed interest and speculation about the beloved character of Detective Antonio Dawson.

Chicago P.D. airs every Wednesday at 9 PM CST on NBC and streams the next day on Peacock as part of the Dick Wolf Universe.

Below is the schedule or the final episodes:

  • Wednesday, May 1: Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 10
  • Wednesday, May 8: Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 11
  • Wednesday, May 15: Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 12
  • Wednesday, May 22: The Chicago P.D. season finale