Movie poster for ‘Civil War’ is being blasted by Chicagoans

What have they done to Marina Towers? A24’s promotion for Civil War, currently #1 at the box-office, has created a backlash of comments on social media.

The studio’s decision to post six movie posters on Instagram, depicting famous American landmarks in various states of destruction, has sparked significant criticism due to the use of AI-generated images and not actual stills from the film. The film, set in the near future, depicts the United States at battle in a full blown Civil War.

The issues with the posters, as noted by the audience, are the use of AI’s unnatural features and inaccurate representations. For instance, you don’t have to live in Chicago to see that there is a significant geographical error with the famous Marina Towers misplaced on opposite sides of a divided Chicago River, surrounded by unrecognizable buildings.

The AI fails in other posters have also been called out. The historic arch in New York’s Washington Square Park, now seems to have a street running between it and the rest of the park, with very foreign looking vehicles.

Another poster seemingly depicts soldiers in a boat near Los Angeles, aiming their weapons at a massive swan. Upon closer inspection, a soldier at the rear of the boat appears to have no legs, with his torso eerily suspended in midair.

The Miami poster contains an unrealistic depiction of a car with three doors.

In addition to calling out the inaccuracies, the most frequent response to the Instagram posters is why would the use of AI be considered appropriate in this vulnerable time following a major strike?

carlo.treviso The depiction of the Chicago River is incorrect. The river doesn’t split at the Marina City Towers, and the buildings should be side-by-side one another.

the_corn_is_calling Absolutely disgusting that you wave around the beauty and preservation of film as your studios biggest selling point and then cop out for ai. Shame on you.

henrywongdraws Why use ai art its a such a spit in the face of the artists who worked on this project?

jadynsarno the fact that you used ai for these posters is beyond immensely disappointing from a company that has always been known for uplifting and shining lights on smaller artists. do better.

connorobrien310 A24, be better than this social media posting. Promote the movie. Don’t lean into AI.

terranceecowley Was literally about to go see this movie tomorrow night. Will not be now. Time to go see a movie that doesn’t AI instead of creative humans.

patricklawler Y’all seriously don’t know any real artists? Had to make the intern do these or what?

davidmbuisan How embarrassing for a24 to use AI and not paying real artists.

colleen_sculpts Expect more of yourselves, because we expect more of you than this.

meganroseruiz Genuinely sick and twisted that you used AI for these images instead of working with and paying a real, human artist

zacbethompson Man, these are AI? Fuck this. Pay an actual artist!

brentsneck Hire real artists, this is ridiculous

In addition, the use of AI in creating the promotional materials raises questions about transparency. Audiences feel deceived if the promotional imagery suggests a level of realism that implies it is drawn from the film itself. It clearly implies that the film is a much larger production. People have been calling it misleading, as none of the scenes in the posters where in the movie.