A look back at the stories that defined 2018

The number of
big stories from 2018
is far too great
to fit into
one article,

But we’ve tried.

Using a combination of Google analytics, social media engagement, and our own thumbs-up button, Reel Chicago has compiled a list of the most widely read stories from the last twelve months.

To get a taste of what went down in 2018, check out the quick-cut highlight paragraph below. To go beyond the headlines, click from the list at the end.

Jenny Milkowski shared her personal experiences about reporting for Fox 32. Daily Planet glorified drinking with Lo Rez brewery. African Americans compiled monumental achievements and personal insights for The Black List. Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’onofrio made a stellar appearance at the Siskel Film Center’s annual Renaissance Gala. Pepe Vargas described his remarkable journey to becoming El Jefe of Chicago cinema. VER let Reel Chicago roll cameras and microphones in its Windy City facility. John Davies unveiled a vintage Chicago tour hosted by Blues Brothers director John Landis. The debut of “Reel Women” generated enormous enthusiasm. Conversant rock group LCA Soundsystem won the Battle of the Advertising Bands. The Colonie accommodated a surge in business with an increase of people. Black Harvest shared a wealth of African American culture. Leo Burnett promoted Kieran Ots to EVP / CD. Sarofsky made an “iPopping” film for the iMac Pro.



Jenny Milkowski on her departure from Fox 32



Daily Planet destroys tech in hilarious brewery spot



A month-long celebration of Black creativity



Ethan Hawke lives up to Siskel Center Renaissance honor



Chi Latino Fest’s Vargas on cinema, culture, and the wall



Getting Reel Inside VER Chicago



Hollywood Comes to Chicago — 1979



Reel Chicago launches “Reel Women”



2018 Battle of the Advertising Bands



Yearlong spike in business fuels expansion at The Colonie



Black Harvest shares a wealth of American culture



Leo B promotes Kieran Ots to EVP / ECD



Sarofsky makes iPopping film for iMac Pro