Yearlong spike in business fuels expansion at The Colonie

Jeff Borowiak and Jennifer Moody

Jeff Borowiak and Jennifer Moody

The Colonie has promoted and hired several employees to accommodate a surge in broadcast and social media work that began in 2017, according to a press release issued today.

“There’s been an increase in commercial and social media projects, as well as integrated broadcast and online campaigns,” explains Mary Caddy, Executive Producer and Partner. “The mix has been exciting … and the timing was right for bringing new talent on onboard.”


Jennifer Moody, who spent the last five years as Senior Motion Designer at The Colonie, has been promoted to Creative Director.

Moody’s experience includes creating and producing design elements for Target, Levi’s, and State Farm, as well as an “eclectic mix of projects that included music videos, corporate media, movie trailers, intros and title sequences.”

Before joining the company, she earned an MA in Studio Art at Ball University, completed an internship with MTV’s On-Air Design department, and was a senior designer at Foundation for seven years.

According to The Colonie Creative Editor and Partner Bob Ackerman, Moody has a knack for exceeding expectations and an ability to “breathe life” into the work she handles.

“Her instincts and creative sensibilities are incredible,” he says. “A project takes on a new and unexpected direction once she gets her hands on it.”

Jeff Borowiak joined The Colonie as a Motion Designer in November and has since become unofficially recognized as Moody’s partner-in-post.

While earning a BA in Cinema Art and Science from Columbia College, Borowiak won first place at the 2016 SeriesFest 48 Hour Interactive Film Festival for a title sequence on the interactive web series, The Reunion.

He also edited Game Master, an attention-grabbing short film that was showcased at the 2017 Feminist Film Festival.

Borowiak, who often works with Creative Director Jennifer Moody in collaboration with The Colonie editorial and visual effects team, has lived up to the award-winning reputation that preceded him.

“Jeff came to us highly recommended, and once we met him and saw his work, we immediately understood why,” explains Moody.

Nathan Rodgers earned a place as an Assistant Editor on The Colonie roster after proving his worth during a 2017 internship.

Nathan Rodgers
Nathan Rodgers

Rodgers has cut spots and promos for the likes of Jordan, Mike’s Harder Lemonade, and Warner Chappell Music since coming on board. He also edited the music video for the song, “Hot Sh—t” by Towkio, which was selected as a finalist for the Midwest Independent Film Festival’s “Agency Shorts” competition.

He has also gained a following in the agency world, prompting The Colonie Creative Editor and partner Brian Sepanik to take extra notice of his popularity.

“From the first day (Rodgers) began his internship, we realized that he was an extraordinary talent and wasted no time bringing him on staff,” explains Sepanik. “Not only has he been a terrific assistant, but he’s already building a roster of his own agency clients. I better watch my back!”

Towkio, “Hot Sh—t”


Hayley Stuber, who had previously interned for The Colonie, became a member of the permanent staff by signing as Associate Producer in October.

Hayley Stuber
Hayley Stuber

Before joining the company full time, she earned a BA in Film from Loyola University and spent two years as a Client Services Coordinator with Hootenanny.

“When we were looking for an associate producer Hayley’s name rose to the top of our list,” says Sepanik. “We already knew she had the skill-set needed to be a great point-person for the company.”

“Hayley has the intelligence, organization, desire and people skills to make her a great addition to our producer team,” adds Caddy. “She is a delight to work with and brings an amazing energy to The Colonie.”

The Colonie is currently in the process of finalizing the signing of additional staffers, as it continues to expand and broaden its full-service, integrated editorial and post services to meet the growing demand for content across multiple platform.