Sarofsky makes iPopping film for iMac Pro

Sarofsky's Artist Film for Apple iMac Pro

Sarofsky’s Artist Film for Apple iMac Pro

Apple made the wise move of enlisting Chicago’s Erin Sarofsky and her team at Sarofsky, Inc. to showcase the capabilities of the new iMac Pro’s hardware and compatible software.

“It was a thrill to get a call out of the blue from Apple to essentially be a spokesperson for the iMac Pro, and the brand,” remarks Sarofsky, who adds that she has owned a Mac “ever since I was a little girl.”

“I’ve grown up with the brand and it’s my main tool as an artist,” she says.

Apple sought to push the iMac Pro to its absolute limit in a slick and stylish manner.

Sarofsky went beyond that goal by creating a rendered-to-the-max, beautiful, and poignant Artist Film.



A behind-the-scenes video that further emphasizes the iMac Pro’s professional focus complements the film.

Besides showcasing the computer’s technical finesse — it was shot on a Phantom Flex at 270 fps and was edited in 4k — the video explains the creative process and highlights the iMac Pro’s role as companion to any great studio.



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In addition to Sarofsky, Apple invited Buck, Esteban Diácono, Luigi Honorat, ManvsMachine, and Michelle Dougherty to create iMac Pro films. The select group of designers, artists, and filmmakers has earned a legion of international admirers, including Sarofsky herself.

Erin Sarofsky
Erin Sarofsky

“It is humbling to be producing work along with these other amazing artists,” she says. “The work across the board is inspiring.”

Combined, these six Artist Films and their companion videos present the technical capabilities of the iMac Pro in spectacular fashion. This collaboration between Apple and the artists also serves as an excellent excuse to fund elaborate and eye-popping short films.

For the viewer’s sake, let’s hope these relationships continue.

Erin Sarofsky’s iMac Pro Artist Film

   Lead Artist and Director: Erin Sarofsky
   Artists: Duarte Elvas, Josh Smirka and Brent Austin
   Flame on Mac Artist: Cory Davis

Sound Design and Music: Groove Guild
   Sound Designer/Composer: Paul Riggio

Phantom Camera courtesy of MK Films

Special thanks: Darren Weninger and Mark Klein

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