Jenny Milkowski on her departure from Fox 32

Jenny Milkowski

Jenny Milkowski

(Editor’s note:) Last Friday, Fox 32 abruptly parted ways with their Emmy award winning traffic reporter, Jenny Milkowski. The #1 digital talent in the Chicago market (via Sharerocket), Milkowski was understandably stunned and saddened by the decision. She issued the following statement to her Chicago followers and fans.

I remember the day I started filling in at Fox Chicago. My heart was so full and I was elated and humbled to be on-air at the very station I once interned at many moons ago . . . in the very city I was born and raised.

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When I came to Fox I brought with me roughly 10 years of producing LIVE news in Chicago at various stations. I brought with me television reporting, weather reporting and radio reporting experience. I was able to shoot and edit my own materials. I brought with me years of studying improvisation at The Second City Chicago, hosting digital shows ranging from topics like food, technology and real estate and years of studying acting.

When I accepted the full-time position under the former news director I hit the job running. I built up a following of more than 133,000 followers. Social media was a big requirement of the job, so I worked around the clock booking my own segments around Chicago.

I am currently the #1 digital talent in the Chicago market (stats according to ShareRocket). I explored new restaurants, burlesque shows, indoor skydiving, relationship segments, hot topics … you name it, I did a video on it. I produced my own workout videos with a local health and fitness expert. I produced and edited daily Polish lessons. I tried to be an ambassador for the Polish community … which dominates the Chicago area. I was involved in countless charity events (especially for the animals). I even reported on evening traffic from home, and did many things outside of my normal working hours, simply because I’m so committed to the job.

I put my blood, sweat and tears into this position. But as you know, this business can be rough.

Jenny Milkowski gives a lesson in speaking Polish
Jenny Milkowski gives a lesson in speaking Polish

Fox told me abruptly Friday they are “going in a different direction” and that “it was nothing personal” … they wanted someone who is a “more serious” traffic anchor. I’m not entirely sure what that means, since I am very serious about traffic reporting and the impact of traffic on Chicago area drivers. Yet, I have no hard feelings toward Fox and I wish the station the very best as it makes changes.

I am grateful for the time I had with the station. I will miss so many people who I worked with. What saddens me most is that I was not able to say goodbye to the people who matter the most … the viewers. That breaks my heart.

The reason this is so long is because I feel like I owe my viewers an explanation. My heart breaks as I write this, but I know great things are in store and I will continue to inform and entertain people on many media platforms.

Stay tuned for what is next for me. I will continue to do LIVE segments on Facebook. You can also watch for updates or contact me at

THANK YOU, CHICAGO, for welcoming me and supporting me. Thank you, Fox 32, for offering me this opportunity. I love you all. Dziękuję”