Jenny Milkowski on her departure from Fox 32

Jenny Milkowski

Jenny Milkowski

(Editor’s note:) Last Friday, Fox 32 abruptly parted ways with their Emmy award winning traffic reporter, Jenny Milkowski. The #1 digital talent in the Chicago market (via Sharerocket), Milkowski was understandably stunned and saddened by the decision. She issued the following statement to her Chicago followers and fans.

I remember the day I started filling in at Fox Chicago. My heart was so full and I was elated and humbled to be on-air at the very station I once interned at many moons ago . . . in the very city I was born and raised.

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When I came to Fox I brought with me roughly 10 years of producing LIVE news in Chicago at various stations. I brought with me television reporting, weather reporting and radio reporting experience. I was able to shoot and edit my own materials. I brought with me years of studying improvisation at The Second City Chicago, hosting digital shows ranging from topics like food, technology and real estate and years of studying acting.

When I accepted the full-time position under the former news director I hit the job running. I built up a following of more than 133,000 followers. Social media was a big requirement of the job, so I worked around the clock booking my own segments around Chicago.

I am currently the #1 digital talent in the Chicago market (stats according to ShareRocket). I explored new restaurants, burlesque shows, indoor skydiving, relationship segments, hot topics … you name it, I did a video on it. I produced my own workout videos with a local health and fitness expert. I produced and edited daily Polish lessons. I tried to be an ambassador for the Polish community … which dominates the Chicago area. I was involved in countless charity events (especially for the animals). I even reported on evening traffic from home, and did many things outside of my normal working hours, simply because I’m so committed to the job.

I put my blood, sweat and tears into this position. But as you know, this business can be rough.

Jenny Milkowski gives a lesson in speaking Polish
Jenny Milkowski gives a lesson in speaking Polish

Fox told me abruptly Friday they are “going in a different direction” and that “it was nothing personal” … they wanted someone who is a “more serious” traffic anchor. I’m not entirely sure what that means, since I am very serious about traffic reporting and the impact of traffic on Chicago area drivers. Yet, I have no hard feelings toward Fox and I wish the station the very best as it makes changes.

I am grateful for the time I had with the station. I will miss so many people who I worked with. What saddens me most is that I was not able to say goodbye to the people who matter the most … the viewers. That breaks my heart.

The reason this is so long is because I feel like I owe my viewers an explanation. My heart breaks as I write this, but I know great things are in store and I will continue to inform and entertain people on many media platforms.

Stay tuned for what is next for me. I will continue to do LIVE segments on Facebook. You can also watch for updates or contact me at

THANK YOU, CHICAGO, for welcoming me and supporting me. Thank you, Fox 32, for offering me this opportunity. I love you all. Dziękuję”

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  • vercingetorix

    they probably fired her because she is a moron

    • Just Axin

      Uhhhhh she reported on traffic which means she didn’t have to be as smart as you.

      • Jenny Milkowski

        Please read my background here — I was never “just” a traffic reporter. Thank you for the support!

    • Andrew Stavrakakes

      Your Fool chump

  • Herr Wolf

    “#1 digital talent in the Chicago market”- LOL- WTF does that even mean?

    • Frankly Speaking

      Lol what’s even funnier is that ur pokin fun bc its over ur head ??

    • Jenny Milkowski

      I worked my ARSE off on social media. I worked around the clock outside of work hours because I knew it was important to FOX to be #1 in social media. I not only did my job, but I did the job of a segment producer booking my LIVE features all over Chicago, then traveling to them and shooting videos to showcase the city. I was the first one to start doing this LIVE…until others started following suit. So that’s what that means 🙂

  • Karol & Jim Petit

    We’re very sorry to see you move on. We have high expectations that we’ll be seeing you again soon. If they thought you were not serious enough they just weren’t paying attention to the great job you were doing. The best of luck to you.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Karol and Jim! Thank you. Honestly, I know this is lame but…reading your comment and the plethora of other comments brings tears to my eyes. The support is astounding. I tried so hard to be the best in that role and to be true to myself and bring a smile to you, the viewers. I am so sad I wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to you guys…it breaks my heart. That being said…I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to new adventures. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • Dana Beckefeld

    So Sad! Fox wants someone more serious or sleezy? Watching the show in the morning was upbeat. Jenny did an awesome job of bringing the traffic info every morning. I can’t figure out this station. Usually they put some sleezy people on and keep them there for long periods of time over the years. Jenny was a bright spot that added alittle pick me up in the morning. I can’t figure out who at Fox does the hiring but maybe that person should be replaced. Just saying FOX NEWS poor choice!

    • Gunahenn

      Yes! Agreed!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Dana! Your words of support mean so much to me.

  • Gustavo Doc Calleros

    What!!! You are great!!!!! KellyPipe Co. (Hammond,IN) Will miss you ! Best Wishes!!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you! 🙂

  • ANNE K. Koziol

    Jenny’s replacement looks like she lives on lower Wacker.

  • jacksquat

    Jenny ‘The Body’ Milkowski will be missed. She did the spin when she came on set to show the booty. And the sultry walk toward the camera at the end. Hey Now! And the tight dresses, wow.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      I appreciate the sentiment, but let’s hope it was my personality and talent that shined through…because let’s face it, we all have bodies. 🙂

      • jacksquat

        Yes of course, that too. You are the total package.

      • lr4165

        Suffice to say there’s an art to making traffic reports engaging, and you handled it deftly every day.



    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, George! <3



    • Jenny Milkowski

      🙂 haha George! Thanks for the support! I know much of the Polish population started watching the show in support…and how sad that there is no Polish representation on the show now 🙁 I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to new adventures. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • gary

    fox 32 are asses they fired her because she was professional and way too pretty. 32 are cut throats .i will watch ch 9 from now on .go jenny we love you.32 no more!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Gary! I appreciate your support. I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to new adventures. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • bridgeport uncle Pete

    WOW!?!?! I can’t believe the Jen is GONE! I wont be watching fox any more! it is now my former fav morning show. Guess I’ll have to watch the JAM now. Whoever fired JM, you are an idiot!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks for the support! xoxox I miss you guys! I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to new adventures. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • Mike Goldman

    Jenny, I watch Fox News in the mornings, above the others, because of you. You were serious, but you also seemed to have fun and enjoy what you were doing. I also thought the interaction you had with the weatherman was great. Here’s hoping you stay in Chicago and land somewhere else.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you mike 🙂 am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to new adventures. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • trtr1

    Supposedly she was sleeping with a Fox producer and it was causing problems with the cast

    • Jenny Milkowski


  • Rick C Lutz

    Fox F’d up. I’m gonna miss you Jenny Milkowski.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Rick! 🙂 I miss you guys and wish I was allowed to say goodbye on-air! BUT I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to new adventures. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • Scott Piecuch

    Deeply saddened that your gone. Looked forward to seeing your smiling pretty face every morning. YOU DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB FOR FOX. WOW , what the @#$% is FOX thinking. And whose UGLY girlfriend / wife / mistress / what the @#$% is it , took your place. UNBELIEVABLE. Jenny I don’t think you’ll be without a job very long and I think you’ll be thanking Fox for giving you the opportunity to move up to something better. BEST OF EVERYTHING TO YOU. FOX NEWS DEFINITELY MADE A VERY BAD CHOICE. NEW GIRL MAY HAVE BEEN A HOST AT A FUNERAL HOME. YUKE………….

    • Ginahenn

      Exactly! New girl is terrible! Says she is from Chicago and can’t even get the streets correct! So bad

      • Jenny Milkowski

        I wish her the best! I am sure she will get better…

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Scott! thank you for the support xoxox I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to new adventures. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • Scap Scap

    Jenny was the only reason I watched your morning show. Looks like I won’t be watching fox news anymore!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      thank you for the support! xoxox

  • Fox Sucks

    Unbelievable. I was wondering why there was a Goblin doing traffic. One of the only reasons I watched fox. Nobody there has a personality.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      I am so sorry! I wish I was able to say goodbye. I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to bigger things. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • Lidia Szymanowski

    Jenny, I miss you. You were the reason I watched Fox news in the morning. Pani byla jedynym powodem, dla ktorego ogladalam Fox news. It’s THEIR loss. Big one. I wish you, Jenny all the best. And I’m very proud of you. Good luck in your future endeavors!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Lidia! Thank you! I am so sad that there is NO Polish representation at FOX…in the city with the biggest Polish population!

  • bring her back

    I’m done with fox,you had the perfect traffic girl and you managed to screw that up

    • Jenny Milkowski

      thanks 🙂 I appreciate your support!

  • Ginahenn

    Your replacement is god awful! She can barely speak and is unattractive as well. Too serious and not cheerful like Jenny was. Painful to watch now

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Ginahenn! I am so sorry to hear that. I wish her the best and she continues in the role. Meantime, thank you for your support! I miss you guys! I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to bigger things. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV



    • Jenny Milkowski




    • Jenny Milkowski

      George, I LOVE your support! xoxo what a kind heart you have. I am thankful for my time at FOX and am excited to move on to bigger things. I will be in Chicago, so please follow me on Facebook–>> @JennyMilkowskiTV

  • John Lee

    Why would fox replace Jenny? Guess I am going back to WGN for the am news n weather. Not a Good reason to let her go. They were lucky to have her & her enthusiasm. I will miss her.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      John! Thank you 🙂 You’re so kind! I wish I was able to say bye to our viewers. I am thankful for my time there but excited to move on!

  • Hector Cirilo

    To Fox: You just let go the one person who can deliver the news of HORRIBLE traffic in Metro Chicago and make it seem like its no big deal. She just had that knack. Too bad for you guys, Jenny Milk is about to shine brighter than ever, mark my words.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Hector! Your comment legit made me smile. Thank you for the support! xoxo

  • James Simms

    Looks like discrimination suit coming Fox’s way unless it’s been documented

    • Jenny Milkowski

      there goes the Polish representation at the station 🙁

  • Gregory

    Only started watching Fox news for Jenny. She was bright & cheerful. Will not watch anymore. Back to WGN

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Gregory! 🙂

      • Just Axin

        I have to say you’ve handled this with grace and aplomb. This only means you’ll excel once the right position comes your way.

        • Egyptian-My-Foot

          I’m sure G-Lep had something to do with this calamity. Just like the mess he made over at ABC 7. Shame on him!

        • Leroy Goldberg

          Only reason I watched Fox in the morning.

          • Jenny Milkowski

            Thank you, Leroy! 🙂

          • Leroy Goldberg


        • Jenny Milkowski

          Thank you so much! You are very kind. I am excited to share some announcements soon! They will be on —>> @jennymilkowskitv Your support is appreciated!

    • Carl Richard

      Jenny. whats the upcoming news? im curious!!

      • Jenny Milkowski

        been hosting my own show! how cool is that?! the “Jenny Milk And Jay” show is 2-7pm monday-friday on WSHE 100.3 in Chicago 🙂

  • disqus_lW5Wars68c

    100% pure speculation, but did she possibly pull a Roeper on her social media numbers?

    • Jenny Milkowski

      absolutely not. First of all, I didn’t get paid nearly enough to have extra money to spend on fake social followers lol second of all, I busted my butt outside of work hours traveling all over the city doing feature videos …it paid off because I gained a following. Plus, Richard had way more followers than me haha! 🙂

      • disqus_lW5Wars68c

        Glad to hear! Best of luck Jenny…

  • Michael Bayne

    Jenny, good luck in what I think will be a very bright future, in whatever platform you decide is your next move. I had the opportunity to enjoy your upbeat attitude and smiling face, while getting my kids ready for school and myself for work, each and every day. You will be missed for your informative and enjoyable traffic reports, as well as your overall positive and cheerful attitude. They undoubtedly lost many viewers (myself included) with this move, and ultimately you will be better for moving on when you did. Congratulations on your new life, onward and upward.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Michael! You are so kind and your support means so much to me. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

  • Chris Jackson

    Jenny You will be missed! My team and I look forward to watching you every morning to know what the traffic would be like when the trucks roll. We have started our day with you at home and then at work. The guys would say, “Hey Jenny says it’s gonna be a good day!” Our morning tailgates will not be the same! When I got to work they were like”Boss Where’s Jenny?” We wish you the best and know when one door closes another opens to bigger and better things!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Chris! Thank you so much 🙂 I am excited to share some announcements! stay tuned. I appreciate your support!

  • Joanne Shuma

    Now two people do the same job that Jenny did. It doesn’t make sense. Traffic is traffic.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Joanne! I miss you guys 🙁

  • Jeffrey Kellerman

    I miss you Jenny,hope you get back on TV soon. Returning to ABC News.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Jeffrey! 🙂

  • JohnQpublic

    Damn Jenny, we will miss you! What a huge mistake for Fox to let go of a Chicago native and asset like you. I drive just over a mile to go to work each day, but I always enjoyed Jenny’s traffic reports. Her amazing smile and energy was always a mood lifter. It was always apparent that she really enjoyed what she was doing and gave it her all. I’m sure you will land on your feet girl! So long Fox, I’m team Jenny.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, John! and now there is no Polish representation on the station. sad 🙁

  • Richard kucia

    Jenny i am shocked i am retired watched you every morning your smile and that being polish like i am with your spunk and happy way will be foxs downfall i will look for you on another channel soon no more fox32 for me

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Richard 🙂

  • Stevan Bernard

    Jenny… Sorry that we no longer see u each morning. The last several days without u it appears traffic segment has been in disarray. No offense to the new one.. She just seems unprepared and tongue tied most every time. I could go on for hours. We all wish u the very best and hope one day to be interviewed by u if u ever do a segment about the car business and the great sales reps that make Chicago area dealers best in the game.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Stevan! thank you 🙂 I wish her the best. But am so excited for my new journey! if you ever want to sponsor you business on my livestream just write me here

      • Stevan Bernard

        Jenny… Give me more info on sponsorship so I can pass on to the owner of my dealership

  • Sargeant Hazard

    More proof that decision makers fall horribly short of what viewers want. It’s not all that easy to find a friendly & informative source that fills the home with a comfort level like Jenny did for me & many others. Best of everything to you Jenny & thank you for a great job!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you SO much! I love your support 🙂

  • PastorChaplain Cliff

    They have someone else doing the traffkic report. Yet trying to replace you??? Never happen!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      haha! 🙂

  • Joel Ramos

    That’s messed up. I’m not watching fox anymore. They want someone more serious? Good luck finding someone like Jenny. There was nothing wrong with the way she did traffic. Did you see the new girl? Lol. Good luck with that one. Smh.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Joel 🙂

  • Jerry and Sheena Golden

    My husband and I was wondering what happen, WHERE JENNY???!!. We believe that Fox has made a big mistake. We remember when you started and watched you develop into what we thought only added to the team.
    Put shades on because your future will be bright.
    Thank you

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Jerry and Sheena! You are SO kind! Thank you 🙂

  • Jay

    Jenny, You should really look at Fox letting you go as a testament of your talents. They probably saw the writing on the wall and knew that eventually you would be moving on to bigger and better things in your career. You have far to much entertainment talent in many areas to be limited to morning traffic girl. Start attacking plan B, which was probably plan A the whole time.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      JAY! Thank you 🙂

  • Carl Richard

    Jenny, Fox TV is a moron, like many others I will not watch them anymore, first they get rid of Darlene Hill, now you. My friend told me I was stupid for still watching Fox after they let Darlene go, but I told them there was probably hidden agenda maybe with Darlene, but no!!! Now they get rid of you, I am done, Channel 7 here I come!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Carl! Thank you for the support! I missed Darlene SO much when they parted ways with her. She had such charisma and much needed personality for the mornings. I miss all our viewers, but stay tuned 🙂

  • L. C.

    I really enjoyed watching Jenny, it seems to me that this is act from another female they want the traffic to more serious she was serious, but also very attractive, sounds like jealousy or sexual harassment!! Bring Jenny back better yet Bye Fox 32 News!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      thank you for the support! I did my job and went above and beyond. that’s all I can do. I am still very confused as to what happened. But I wish them the best! Stay tuned for what is next 🙂

  • Elizabeth Cruz

    My boyfriend and I are such huge fans. Also my 10 y/o son, Angel, is also a big fan. You were always well presented, classy and had great posture and mannerism, which is important for live TV. You conducted yourself in a professional manner and are so lovely and kind. We are sadden that Fox Let you go as you did light up our day. 4:00 am, and we would be watching, everyday. You were the reason we watch FOX 32. please keep us posted on your future endeavor.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Elizabeth! You have no idea what your kind comment means…so much! so thank you! I will update on my next job here–>> @jennymilkowskitv

  • Melissa Nicole

    I would just like to point out that the new woman that has your position cannot talk worth a lick. She only reads the traffic times and the rest of the news crew reports the rest of the traffic for her. So much for finding someone more serious. She looks like a deer in headlights and talks with marbles in her mouth unfortunately.

    Best of luck to you!!! Our household misses you:)

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Melissa! Thank you for the support! I was humbled to find out they needed 2-3 people to take over the job I was doing. I wish them the best! I miss all of you guys …but stay tuned for what is next 🙂 hope you have a great day!

  • G. RsndZ

    Keep your head up, everything happens for a reason. Take the positive from the experience and add another notch to your prestigious resume. Strong people always land on their feet. We will miss you, stay real.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, G! 🙂 I really appreciate your support! xoxox stay tuned for my announcement!

  • Michaela

    My morning is seriously not the same without you Jenny… You are genuinely upbeat without being superficially perky which so many female tv personalities struggle with. I always felt you were being yourself while remaining completely professional and that is so refreshing. I hope you know how many people you have touched in a positive way. This is just a minor set back for you but ultimately it is better be somewhere you are appreciated.

    Girl power and Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      YEAH GIRL! you are the best 😉 hope you’re off getting schwifty somewhere! PS. I just finished all the seasons of the show! I am sad. I need more! But….I was just myself on the show. NO fake-ness or anything, and I think that’s really important, especially in such a declining TV world. I am so excited to announce my new job!

  • Terry

    Jenny, sad to see you go. The new girl is just abysmal to say the least ! You brought the FUN to the roads of Chicago. All the best in your future endeavors !

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Terry, I am sorry to hear that! I am sure FOX appreciates viewer feedback ( Stay tuned for my big job reveal! 🙂

  • Jamcam6

    Jenny Milk we miss you. Hey mister decision maker at Fox…your a fool! We’ll keep an eye out for you Jen. I’m sure you’ll pop up in front of us soon.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      MIss you guys! xoxox I will announce my new job, soon! I am so excited.

  • lr4165

    Saw a clip yesterday of the Fox morning crew debating the pronunciation of Paczki.
    Now I KNOW Jenny’s gone.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      LOL too funny! what is sad though…there is NO Polish representation on a station in a city where it has the biggest Polish population!

  • Michael Hall

    Hey Jenny Milk in keepin it real you and Darlene was my ONLY reason to watch FOX32, also you always look “serious” to me, looking forward to seeing both you ladies re-shining real soon….

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Michael! Darlene was the best and is sorely missed!

  • Timothy Tate

    I have been on vacation thru January I am stunned , no more Mike Chaplin and Jennifer chopping it up, I’m done with fox, I thought Jennifer was heading to the desk, I wish you well you will land on your feet?

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Timothy!

  • Timothy Tate

    I’m sure something happened. I don’t know it’s hard for me to think that fox 32 would just erase Jenny. I would love to hear this story

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Hi Timothy! FOX has a history of high turnover with management. Whereas at other stations the news director stays for 20 years, here at FOX they stay about 2 years. When the new manager comes, the first thing they always do is fire people and bring in their own crew. I was great at my job, worked around the clock unpaid and got them the highest social media scores in the city…there’s nothing I could have done better. When I started 3 years ago, we went through about 3 management changes and 4 total anchor cast changes. No hard feelings toward the station and I wish them the very best! I am so excited to announce my new job! stay tuned 🙂

  • Nino Brown

    I enjoyed your professionalism and passion at fox news. I dont know hiw you could get more serious than you were at Fox news. Good luck Jenny.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Nino! I honestly do not know what I could have done more. I worked my butt off for that job. But that’s in the past and I wish them the best! so excited to announce my new adventure. stay tuneD! xoxox

  • Tom Pittsley

    Just not right !! You were the star of the show !;!!youll y be missed

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Tom! 🙂 Miss you guys BUT stay tuned for a big announcement!

  • Morning Coffey

    I have been waking up every morning looking for your traffic report…. and no Jenny, what’! I looked forward to what you were wearing…. You are really beautiful and fine too.
    I enjoy hearing the traffic report from you. You will be missed

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you!

  • L. C.

    Jenny is not just sexy as hell but she knew her work first Darlene Hill now Jenny I am gone from fox news they have changed for the worst, whats the Hell Wrong with the Producers on FOX NEWS!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you L.C.! I did know my stuff 😉 I miss you guys but am excited to announce m new job, soon! Your support is SO appreciated.

  • Rick Williams

    The only reason I watched Fox was Jenny. She made it a great way to start the day and now I will not be watching any longer that is for sure. The rest of that morning team is, well, I will not be watching. I will be looking for wherever she pops up…

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Rick! Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your support!

  • mikedinjoliet

    Man, I go to Wisconsin for a get away and come back to no Jenny on my morning news ☹️ I really like your style and wish you the best in your next endeavor. I’ve always wanted an autographed picture of you to hang up in my office. Let me know…

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you! I wish I had headshots to send out, but those all have the FOX logo on them and I wouldn’t feel right sending those out. But stay tuned for new job info! Maybe I’ll have some pics to send out from there 😉

  • Andrew Stavrakakes

    I’m not watching Fox news again. JENNY MILK Rocks. I Am flaburgasted that Fox would part ways with the best news personality in CHI -RAQ. Now they have what looks like a recovering crack head in MS MILKOWSKI’S Stead. Really WTF!!! My advice to JENNY is apply for a gig with Fox’s biggest competitor’s and make them the the day.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Andrew 🙂 I am SO excited to announce my new job! I wish FOX the best and wish I could have stayed there and grown my career. But I guess life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans. xoxox I appreciate your support.

  • John

    She was the person worth watching on that station in the morning – what a stupid decision!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, John! xoxox

  • Scott Wiater

    I miss you!You are a true personality!I loved how you walked toward me when you finished your report! Ha,I even would sometimes try to hug you.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      haha! Love that! I appreciate your support, Scott! xoxo Miss being there!

  • Mark Thomas

    I only watch fox news in the morning because of jenny and i dont even drive i guess i start watching cartoons before work now …..????

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks for the support, Mark! 🙂 I miss you guys!

  • Maurice Gatewood

    I miss you Jenny, I miss watching you on Fox32, I miss your smile, your sense of humor, and your beauty.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      I miss YOU guys! wish I could have stayed and grown my career there. But I wish them the best and am so excited for the new journey 🙂 thank you for the support

  • Ed

    Jenny, you were the BEST. I will really miss you. I looked forward to the traffic report. It’s Fox’s loss, what a terrible decision. Being Polish myself, made it especially enjoyable and proud to see you every morning. I always started out my day with a smile. Good luck, I’m sure you will be successful in whatever you choose to do next. I will be following.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Ed! thank you so much! dziekuje bardzo! I am sad there is no Polish representation now on the station. I wish them the best and am excited for the new adventure!

  • Hi Jenny, I was wondering what happened to you. I thought or should I say I was hoping you were just on vacation. This saddens and angers me at the same time. There’s no loyalty anymore and the way they went about it says a lot about Fox. It seems like all of my favorite people are now gone. I’m switching stations. I have no doubt that you are already starting your new adventure and you’ll be an asset to whomever is fortunate enough to get you. Love ya Jenny Milk!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Andre! Thank YOU! I miss you guys! I was so sad as well…especially since it was so abrupt and I was not able to say goodbye. However, I wish them the best and am excited to announce my new adventure! xoxox thank you for the support and kind words

  • Anna Woinska

    Jenny you will be missed. I was looking forward seeing your smiley face each morning while watching fox news. Not only you were fun to watch but also you brought up sparkle to the morning news. I am sad to say fox 32 it’s not the same without you. Over the course of last 15 year I’ve seen many faces come and go over at fox. Some were good changes and others not . You are in the not good change pool. I among many others will no longer have reason to watch the morning broad cast. By the way your replacement…………….hmmm, I would’t want to offend any one, but she is not my kind of cup of tea. Fox 32 if you’re reading this and care about your viewers I have news for you. Viewers do not like constant changes. They like seeing same face and hearing the same voices. Replacing Jenny was a big mistake in my humble opinion and you just lost another viewer…

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Anna! THANK YOU for your kind words! they mean so much. I 100% agree that consistency in talent is key. The issue is…FOX has new management every 2 years or so because they keep leaving…and when a new boss comes in, the first thing they do is fire people and bring in their own “Crew”. which in my humble opinion is not the thing to do. Viewers invite us into their homes and grow connected. Constant change is the death of any news show. I wish them the best though and wish I could have stayed for years to come and grown my career. But I have no hard feelings because I think the best is yet to come. Thanks for your support, Anna! I am excited to announce my new job!

      • Andrew Stavrakakes

        Was up J-MILK ? Any new endeavors?

        • Jenny Milkowski

          yes! will announce soon 🙂 yay!

        • Jenny Milkowski

          Hey Andrew! You must not follow my website or social media 🙂 Since then I’ve hosted my own radio show–done acting work for a national company, modeled for a national brand and am now a co-host on morning tv in California! please follow me on facebook @jennymilkowski@jennymilkowski:disqus and Instagram ( and my website thank you so much for asking and checking in! xoxox I appreciate your support 🙂

  • Glenn

    Jenny, just found out today (while watching Fox) that you are no longer there. Sorry to hear about the sudden departure and the way Fox handled it. Your first new report should be an expose on Scott Schneider’s hair. I haven’t been able to figure out what is going on with that hairdo….Best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Glenn! thank you! I miss you guys 🙂 On a super honest note…I LOVE SCOTT! he is freakin’ hilarious.

      • Glenn

        I think he is funny too…but I’ve never quite seen an advancing hairline like his…looking forward to seeing your next projects…take care

        • Jenny Milkowski

          I shall announce soon! 🙂 have a good day, Glenn!

  • Bob Sarwin

    OMG ! I thought you were on vacation, their loss indeed,you will be greatly missed

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Bob! 🙂 I miss you guys!

  • Bill

    The Today Show colossus is declining, GMA is rapidly rising and Fox Chicago was a close second. Beginning with Tammy Souza last Fall and concluding with the firing of Jenny Milkowski Fox has nowgutted its talent pool. Jenny showed more talent doing traffic and her short birthday segment than the current crop of anchors can muster combined. While Fox may have lowered its payroll it will be far outmatched by its drop in morning ratings.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Bill! I miss you guys!

      • Roster6

        Nobody misses you in Chicago you silly slut

        • Jenny Milkowski

          aww–such an unhappy troll you are! I wish you find some happiness in your life. You like me SO much that you took the time to find an old article and comment on it. It’s very flattering! thank you! 🙂

          • Tunie

            Welcome to San Diego!

  • John doe

    Miss your smile and personality in the morning. I always looked forward to watching the traffic report. Can’t wait to see where you go from here.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you! 🙂

  • TripTilTheWrldNs

    My heart is broken! I am also departing from Fox News. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you Jenny!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you! I miss you guys!

  • Jamal

    Jenny was the hottest on gdc and was unfortunately replaced by a man looking woman

    • Jenny Milkowski

      I miss you guys!

  • Ian

    I will no longer be watching Fox Chicago news. A lot of the chances you FOX have made are of poorly choice. Jenny and others that have parted were a good choice for news professionals……

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Ian! 🙂

  • Rick D.

    I watched Fox32 every morning. When you started doing the traffic reports, I made sure to watch those instead of switching the channel. Your info was concise and spot on! Then you weren’t there for a week and I thought you were on vacation. Then the new girl started and and I noticed something right off the bat! She would walk onto the set, talk for 10 seconds, then an off camera man’s voice gave the traffic report! Two people now do the traffic for them; and the boy of them still don’t relate as much info as you did, Jenny! I turned them off and haven’t watched them since! If that was their idea a “new direction” they better get a new gps because they went backwards……BIG TIME! I miss ya and wish you all the success in your future endeavors. I hope to see you back on TV soon! Good luck!

    Rick D.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Rick! Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your support SO much! I cannot say I understand the direction they took by firing me BUT I have no hard feelings, wish everyone the best and am excited that this abrupt ending has lead to many new opportunities!

  • Kristy St John

    Jenny, I just read this (I was wondering where you were…thinking she probably got a promotion and has moved on to another station). I am sadden by your departure and I no longer watch Fox 32. I truly believe everything happens for a reason – bigger blessings are in your future! Always Forward! Hope to see you some day again soon! Kristy In Wicker Park

    • Jenny Milkowski

      KRISTY! you are SO nice! thank you 🙂 I am sad and confused BUT excited for the new journey. Most of all I am sad not to be able to say Bye to the viewers. But I’ll be on FB still 🙂 @JennymilkowskiTV

  • Jan

    Jenny, good luck in your career as the possibilities for you are endless. You’ve got a lot of spirit and a good heart. Stay true to yourself!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Jan! xoxox

  • Michael Esposito

    What a loss for the Chicago area viewers. You brought personally, energy, wit, and enjoyment to the morning news. I wish you all the Best in your future endeavors. A loyal viewer. Tony

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Michael! Thank you 🙂 your words mean a lot!

  • Lori Ann Tomasetti Sandock

    Love your quick wit and sense of humor! You are truly missed!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Lori! I miss you guys 🙂

  • jme9570218

    Obviously: 1.) Michelle Allegra is a last minute “back up”, Sorry she’s not the worst Traffic Reporter on Chicago TV just not very good or experienced. 2.) You Don’t replace someone as talented, followed & Well-liked as Jenny Milkowski with an unknown someone as mediocre as Michelle Allegra with out a reason. 3.) Yes FOX NEWS , It Was Very “Personal” . 4.) FOX absolutely has an agenda. 5.) Someone took retribution on Jenny Milkowski.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      HI there! 🙂 All I was told is they were going in a “different direction”. It definitely made no sense to me considering the amount of hard work (And extra work) I put into the job. I think Michelle has been training for this job for the past 6 months (from what I gather). I guess that’s the risk we face when there is a new boss. The news director that hired me, left. The new one came in and several of us were dismissed. I miss the viewers and wish FOX the best! But I am so excited for the new journey and to announce my new job and projects!

  • Desert Fox

    Was seriously disappointed in Fox’s decision. Morning fap completely ruined 🙁 New woman’s personality is dry as a bone. Turned on news one morning all ready to go and seeing Michelle instead ruined my super happy fun time. :((((((((

  • Mike Kinshaw

    Jenny I know this is a late regret, but it is a regret. Not seeing you in the mornings is a lousy way to start the day

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Mike! thank you 🙂 I miss you guys! xoxox announcing more stuff, tomorrow!

  • Joe Maggio

    Before I retired, I watched Fox news in the morning for years for the traffic conditions before leaving for work. I continued to watch Fox in the morning after I retired because of Jenny. She was always a bright spot in the day. Thank you Jenny.
    No reason to watch it now.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Joe! 🙂

  • Jim

    Now that Jenny is gone i won’t watch Fox. She was the best part of that program

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Jim! 🙂

  • Charles Hiley

    Jenny,Jenny,Jenny u sexy polish vixen I’m going to miss u your bohemin allure was breath taking stay sweet all the best in your future Fox made a boo boo you a BOSS

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you for the support, Charles!

  • Evelyn Wilk

    I stopped watching FOX. I didn’t even know that Jenny’s departure was not planned. The “thing” they chose to replace her is serious all right. She’s like a dead fish.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Evelyn!

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  • Frank

    I was fortunate enough to see you on TV after you left Fox News. I seen your interview this morning on Channel 24.4 the Polish Channel. You will really be missed. During your interview you talked about most people you knew growing up in Chicago was Polish or Italian. During the 1940’s everyone
    on the 4600 block of Superior St. where I grew up was either Polish or Italian. Everyone was related.
    [I was one of the lucky ones my Mother was IRISH.
    I do believe Mike Caplan is the best. I remember Corey McPherrin when he used to MC the Bears luncheon on Mondays and Mike Flannery who would have lunch at the stand up restaurant. I always thought Fox had the best people. I do believe Fox will miss you. As I will. I now have a very big decision to make. No offense against the new young lady but she is not JENNY MILKOWSKI.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      🙂 dzieki!

  • William Barr

    First they slowly kill off the Simpsons and put anything they can on to not show them on Sundays. Was the Simpsons what put Fox on the map?There was Amy Freeze and Tami Souza. Now Jenny is gone. Since Their news is not Objective and is all one sided, looks like I have another reason NOT to watch Fox 32. Jenny made it easy for me to wake up at 6:30 am after working a 3-11 shift and falling asleep around 1-2 am. I am not sure what Fox was looking for but everyone in my house had found other stations to watch other than 32. No Simpsons this past Sunday, OH WAIT there was O.J Simpson who in my opinion was old news decades ago. Down with Fox 32 and God bless you and more success to Jenny.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, William! 🙂

  • Ryan

    Jenny is the only reason I started wxatching Fox everything morning and now it’s just not the same, the new traffic person doesn’t seem anymore serious! So disappointed, boo Fox!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Ryan!

  • Jamie Reynolds

    Back to WGN for me. I started watching fox just because of Jenny. Sounds like a lame excuse for letting you go Jenny. I miss seeing you every morning.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Jamie! I don’t think I could have done anything differently. Sometimes new bosses just want their own people, I guess! xoxox

  • Jim&Jean Harvey

    We will miss you Jenny Milk. You made our day each morning. New girl not as good. Wonder who she is related to. I hope some other Chicago station will pick you up. For now back to WGN.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you for the support! LOVE WGN! Used to work at CLTV/WGN producing and writing <3

  • Lawrence Sharon

    Well, the only reason I turned on the TV in the morning was for Jenny and the traffic and Mark with the weather. Jenny is gone, WGN became my go to source since her departure. Thanks Fox news for making my choice of morning news/traffic/weather updates a very simple one: no Jenny, no Fox.

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you, Lawrence! <3

  • Billy

    That is SUCH a bummer… made mornings SO much better =(…..will miss you!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Billy 🙂

  • Larry

    Good Luck Jen, that was terrible what Fox did to you. A lot of times though things workout for the better. Hopefully we will see you on T.V. again with a differant Station.The new girl is Blah! You made the traffic news exciting!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Larry! I have my own show now 🙂 Jenny Milk And Jay Mon-Friday 2-7pm on 100.3 I am excited I was able to move on to bigger and better things! Thankful for my time at FOX and wish them all the best <3

  • Kyle Burris

    Was very disappointed to see her replaced. Then I was shocked that her replacement couldn’t even read the traffic reports! The replacement girl stood there while some guy read the traffic news for her!! Definitely shouldn’t have replaced Jenny!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks for the support, Kyle! Wish them all the best xoxox

  • Tony

    The world is ” serious ” enough

    • Jenny Milkowski

      agreed 🙂

  • Scott McLain

    Hope you are well and miss seeing you on tv, you cheered me up .

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thanks, Scott! 🙂 Been enjoying hosting my own show! Jenny Milk And Jay weekdays 2-7pm on SHE 100.3

  • Becky

    What the hell?!.there has to be a better reason for you to not be able to say good bye
    I miss you! I don’t like Michelle Allegria
    She wears evening gowns all the time…ugh
    I want my MILK back! Fox you guys suck for not giving the right explanation!!! Cowards!!
    Don’t even think about getting rid of my Mark!!!

    • Jenny Milkowski

      Thank you for your support! 🙂

  • jeffhanson1

    She’s looking good in San Diego on the News 8 commercial. Sorry Chicago .The Fox 32 news director or general manager should be fired.

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  • Zbigniew Przeszlowski.

    Jenny! Polacy bardzo zaluja, ze FOX 32 tak postapil z Toba.Wielu z moich znajomych zrezygnowalo z ogladania tej stacji.Ja rowniez, od momentu kiedy Cie braklo na vizji, przestalem ogladac ich program.Nie bede wypowiadal sie krytycznie o prowadzacych News, bo ich nie znam osobiscie, ale Ciebie nie zastapi nikt.Zycze Ci duzo szczescia w Twojej pracy I napewno bedziesz miala wielu fanow, gdziekolwiek tylko sie pojawisz.Pozdrawiam Cie

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