Director Paul Stone joins mountain of talent at Backyard

3+ Bi-coastal commercial director and documentary filmmaker, Paul Stone, known for his visually striking and honest storytelling, has joined the roster at Backyard.  Paul’s contemporary and intimate style of filmmaking combines an authentic, documentary sensibility with a highly polished cinematic feel.  He has directed commercials and content for many brands, notably Airbnb, Verizon, P&G, Fidelity Investments, PNC Bank, DeWalt, American … Continue reading “Director Paul Stone joins mountain of talent at Backyard”

Backyard signs ‘Renaissance Man’ Anthony Furlong

5+ Interdisciplinary Director Anthony Furlong has joined the evolving and expanding roster at Backyard Production. Anthony brings his diverse expertise as a live action Director, VFX/graphic artist, and animation director to the creative alliance. Often, two or more of these genres are included as part of his films. With a background as an actor, programmer, … Continue reading “Backyard signs ‘Renaissance Man’ Anthony Furlong”

Chace Strickland returns to Backyard Productions

2+ One of the first directors to sign with Roy Skillicorn comes back to his old friends Director Chace Strickland, noted for his authentic lifestyle and warm family oriented work, has again signed with Backyard Productions. By making the move, Strickland rejoins his longtime friends, original founder / Managing Director, Roy Skillicorn, Executive Producer, Kris … Continue reading “Chace Strickland returns to Backyard Productions”

Backyard signs Jeff Aron Lable

4+ Production shop hires LA director known for working with celebrities and creating “awkwardly funny” humorous vignettes Production company Backyard Productions has announced the addition of award-winning Los Angeles-based director Jeff Aron Lable to its roster for both US commercial spot representation and content creation. A humor director with a flair for strong art direction … Continue reading “Backyard signs Jeff Aron Lable”

Director Greg Popp swings into Backyard

5+ Former DDB Chicago Senior Vice President brings top-notch comedy and celebrity experience to LA- and Chicago-based production house Greg Popp has joined Backyard Production’s roster, bringing his seasoned comedy and performance skills to a smart, enthusiastic team. Popp and Backyard CMO Roy Skillicorn have had a strong personal and professional relationship for more than … Continue reading “Director Greg Popp swings into Backyard”

Patrick Creadon signs with Backyard Productions

3+ Award-winning, docu-style storyteller brings “captivating” talent to West Coast shop Culver City, CA-based production company, Backyard Productions, has signed director Patrick Creadon for exclusive U.S. commercial representation. Known for his strong visual approach and unique ability to draw authentic performances out of his subjects, Patrick marries bold and striking visuals with compelling storytelling. Based … Continue reading “Patrick Creadon signs with Backyard Productions”

Jake Sherry signs with Backyard Productions

3+ Renowned for his work with people, the director is “on his way to being a superstar,” according to CMO Roy Skillicorn Backyard Productions is pleased to welcome NY-based Director Jake Sherry to its roster. Recognized for his ability to tease out natural performances in both actors and real people, especially kids, Jake manages to … Continue reading “Jake Sherry signs with Backyard Productions”

LA-based director/writer Ashley Avis joins Backyard

4+ The multi-disciplined pro offers the versatility and enthusiasm that have become the company’s hallmarks Busy commercial and feature director Ashley Avis has followed Managing Director Roy Skillicorn’s to Backyard Productions. The move complements the support that Skillicorn has shown Avis throughout her career and reinforces Backyard’s climb to the top. Avis has written and … Continue reading “LA-based director/writer Ashley Avis joins Backyard”

Backyard Productions signs new Midwest, East Coast reps

4+ “The best, most progressive, culturally relevant reps that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” Roy Skillicorn, Backyard Productions Backyard Productions welcomes Nathan Skillicorn of Heart, Brains and Nerve for Midwest representation, and Perry Schaffer and Corey Rogers of Schaffer/Rogers for East Coast representation. Backyard’s founder, Roy Skillicorn, who recently rejoined the … Continue reading “Backyard Productions signs new Midwest, East Coast reps”

Roy Skillicorn returns to Backyard Productions

9+ The former rep who helped put Chicago on the national production map while building a $50 million company brings it all back home. Roy Skillicorn is back leading Backyard Productions, the company he founded and guided for 20+ years, recently partnering with Kevin Allodi, President & CEO of Philo Media, which acquired Backyard in … Continue reading “Roy Skillicorn returns to Backyard Productions”

Ewan McGregor, Backyard, Whitehouse industry moves

8+ Ewan McGregor joins RSA as commercial director RSA Films president Jules Daly announced Monday that “The Force” is now with RSA as former Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ewan McGregor, has joined the Ridley Scott-owned company. The acclaimed film, theatre and TV actor, who won a Golden Globe this year for Best Actor in FX’s Fargo, joined … Continue reading “Ewan McGregor, Backyard, Whitehouse industry moves”

Hugo Awards to honor Backyard Productions

Twenty years ago this fall, Roy Skillicorn, who was at the peak of his career as a top print and motion rep, and his friend, director Blair Stribley, whose young commercial company had recently dissolved, were at Skillicorn’s home talking about the production company they planned to start.

“What should we call it?” they pondered as they sat and sipped lemonade in Skillcorn’s backyard.

And Backyard Productions it was.

Flash forward to April 22, 2009.

The town is jumping with movie and TV projects; Backyard’s Kevin Smith shoots a short this week

DIRECTOR KEVIN SMITH of Backyard Productions of L.A. and Chicago departs from his role of directing commercials to helm a 20-minute short titled “Bubblerama” around town this week. Leigh Jones is producing.

The story is about a young woman played by actress Annie Paresse, a bohemian artist type, who reinvents herself during the process of researching an upscale life style.

“Bubblerama” will head for the festival circuit when completed.

Former DDB GCD Immesoete does double-duty at Backyard’s new Seed content company

Backyard Productions is never one to stand still, always finding a new way to serve emerging trends?like its newly-formed Seed, a content company led by former DDB award-winning group creative director John Immesoete.

Immesoete is Seed partner/creative director and also a director for Backyard.

Seed will concentrate on “entertainment opportunities such as TV shows and Web-based films,” said Backyard partner/principal Roy Skillicorn.

Since signing with Backyard in December, Immesoete directed the “Lady” Bud Light Super Bowl spot in collaboration with DDB.

Backyard plants Seed for future growth

Seed, a new L.A.-based commercial company, is the joint venture of Backyard partners Roy Skillicorn and Blair Stribley and Science+ Fiction founders Steve Mendelson and Kevin Townsend. Their focus is developing young directorial talent for commercials and programming content. Backyard COO Dan Bryant is Seed’s executive producer.

Seed starts sprouting with recent Pasadena Art Center grad Michael Chaves, who has directed McDonald’s and Char Broil spots, and Jim Byrkit, now helming a McDonald’s spot via Mad Films, which reps him in Canada.

Mayor Lightfoot announces Chicago’s 4th of July events

3+ Fourth of July signature events include a virtual House music festival, a virtual “Independence Day Salute” concert event, and at-home Salsa dance parties across Chicago.  Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) today announced the City’s signature Fourth of July holiday events including a virtual House music festival, a … Continue reading “Mayor Lightfoot announces Chicago’s 4th of July events”

Seed adds Director/Photographer, Sam Ciurdar

2+ Roy Skillicorn, owner and EP of Seed, envisions Sam Ciurdar making it big. “Sam has an artist’s eye for beautiful imagery that blends perfectly with his vision as a director and his interest in compelling storytelling. A true visual thinker and focused artist, he is the right fit for us.  His films capture emotion within the … Continue reading “Seed adds Director/Photographer, Sam Ciurdar”

Director, Mat Fuller joins Seed’s award winning roster

3+ Seed adds Emmy nominated VFX artist, Mat Fuller, to their award-winning directorial roster. Fuller has worked as an on-set Visual Effects Supervisor, a live-action Director, and a Creative Director.   Following the model Seed established in 2011, each director on the roster has his or her own production company that does direct-to-client work. Mat owns Dark Matter FX. It will … Continue reading “Director, Mat Fuller joins Seed’s award winning roster”

High-Speed cameras and ‘The Slow Mo Guys’

1+ Noah Kadner, Editor-in-chief at AbelCine goes Behind the Scenes with The Slow Mo Guys. The Slow Mo Guys are creator/cinematographer Gavin Free and co-host Dan Gruchy. Free and Gruchy primarily use a Phantom Flex4K high-speed camera to capture various forms of natural and physical phenomenon in super slow motion at 1,000 frames per second. Popular episode subjects … Continue reading “High-Speed cameras and ‘The Slow Mo Guys’”