Chace Strickland returns to Backyard Productions

Chace Strickland

Chace Strickland

One of the
first directors
to sign with
Roy Skillicorn
comes back to
his old friends

Director Chace Strickland, noted for his authentic lifestyle and warm family oriented work, has again signed with Backyard Productions. By making the move, Strickland rejoins his longtime friends, original founder / Managing Director, Roy Skillicorn, Executive Producer, Kris Mathur, and Backyard’s Midwest Representative, Nathan Skillicorn, (who successfully represented Chace’s own production company a couple years back).

Chace signed with Roy and Backyard in the mid 90’s as one of the company’s first directors and was a major contributor to its success for many years. He left Backyard after Roy sold his ownership in 2011. Strickland then started his own company, Room Service, and hired Roy’s son, Nathan Skillicorn, to represent them and the company flourished.



A fresh look and style
Strickland began freelance directing again in 2018, and had always kept in touch with Nathan and Roy. When Skillicorn agreed to return to Backyard and join new President Kevin Allodi, Chace began sending them his newest work that exhibited a fresh, developing look and style. Both were impressed, as were Backyard’s sales teams.

Allodi immediately recognized Chace’s new spots were highly marketable and truly complemented his previous achievements. “We’re delighted to welcome Chace back into the fold; being familiar with Chace’s previous work, this evolved creative direction he’s taken adds a much needed element to our roster. Backyard has always been synonymous with ‘family’, and as one of the early members of Backyard’s Chicago-based team it’s great to see one of our own coming ‘home.”

Skillicorn adds, “Strickland’s work fits so many opportunities that we seek and find within the current marketplace. Both his visual and performance mastery offers our clients the confidence that each project will be a homerun. We are already recommended on a project and actively bidding several others, and I’m thrilled to have another member of the original band getting back together with us again.”

“When I first signed with Backyard, it felt like I had been adopted into a family as soon as I walked through the door. The place and people had a positive, nurturing and caring energy. Kevin, Kris and Roy have done it again – and it’s good to be home.” Strickland adds, “My path has always been the same…trying to find and capture honest and visually genuine realism. Sometimes it just happens…sometimes you have to re-create it, but either way, the viewer knows it when they see it and it touches them emotionally.”

About Backyard Productions
Headquartered in Culver City, CA, Backyard produces commercials and content films while promoting distinctive filmmakers and connecting them to brands. Founded nearly thirty years ago, Backyard has worked with the world’s leading advertising agencies and brands. Backyard’s award-winning roster includes Greg Popp, Xander Strohm, Kevin Fitzgerald, Jeff Aron Lable, Ashley Avis, Jesper Ohlsson, Jake Sherry, Steph Green, Shyam Madiraju, Chace Strickland and Patrick Creadon. | East Coast: Schaffer/Rogers (212) 229-0833. West Coast: Options o: 323-297-3239 m: 213-479-8880 Midwest: Heart Brains & Nerve (312-401-8039)

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