Former DDB GCD Immesoete does double-duty at Backyard’s new Seed content company

Backyard Productions is never one to stand still, always finding a new way to serve emerging trends?like its newly-formed Seed, a content company led by former DDB award-winning group creative director John Immesoete.

Immesoete is Seed partner/creative director and also a director for Backyard.

Seed will concentrate on “entertainment opportunities such as TV shows and Web-based films,” said Backyard partner/principal Roy Skillicorn.

Since signing with Backyard in December, Immesoete directed the “Lady” Bud Light Super Bowl spot in collaboration with DDB. A 15-year agency creative, he is known for the humorous Bud spots he wrote and director for Budweiser featuring football player “Leon.”

Skillicorn said Seed is in the process of setting up an “idea farm” of sorts, “where we can provide an environment and marketing strategy for John to create content that he’ll either direct himself or offer to other directors.

At the same time, Backyard opened a branch of Transitor, its L.A.-based motion design division in New York. Partners Damon Meena, executive producer and Jared Plummer, creative director, are in charge.

FYI: Backyard was one of only two Chicago companies to score in the recent Mobius International Awards. It won a second place certificate?one of only 77?for its “Grumpy” Starbucks commercial, directed by Rob Pritts.

Launch Creative Marketing won first place in specialty advertising for Keebler and Mrs. Dash; Michelle Morales was creative director on both winners.

Mobius entries of 5,200 entries came from 34 countries; 90 first place Golden Statuettes went to winners in 23 countries. Former Chicago producer Lee Gluckman owns the L.A.-based Mobius Awards.

Roy Skillicorn’s phone is 312/944-7400; phone for SVP/sales & development Steve Weinschel is 312/951-1850. Seed is located at 228 Main St. L.A., 310/314-1122. Transitor is located at 636 Broadway, New York, phone, 212/405-5090.

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