The Best of Reel Chicago interviews in 2021

Human beings are social animals. Personal contact and social interaction with others is simply essential.

In opposition, Covid created lock downs, quarantines and generally created a need to rethink how we communicate with each other. Because communicate, we must.

Although we all had hopes for 2021, it has pushed, provoked, squished and forced its way upon us for 12 months, but somehow, we’ve managed to come out of it in a better form. And what I realize more than ever before is that we humans are far more malleable than breakable.

I had choices to make at the Reel. We could have easily reported the dreary news that was broadcast 24/7 on most media outlets, but instead, we got creative and leaned into interviewing those making news and differences in the industry. Those who continued to create by circumventing the obstacles.

Our contributing writers chatted with influencers and difference makers in advertising, film, TV and more. Some were ZOOM interviews. Others were on the phone. But we found all of them informative and entertaining.

Here are the interviews that shined for us in 2021.

REEL CHICAGO top interviews for 2021:

Lana Wachowski explains why now is the right time to return to The Matrix


Mark Gross takes the Highdive into creating spots for Super Bowl LVI

AbelsonTaylor’s Tarah Sperando talks brands, trends and creative challenges

Interview: writer and director of ‘Ghostwriter’ beautifully filmed in Chicago


Interview: catching up with director Layne Marie Williams

Editor Ariana DeSimone of Optimus teams with Chance the Rapper


How two Chicago guys made a #1 box office hit

A chat with the writer of Yolonda Ross short film, Desmond’s Not here Anymore


Coloring the world with The Colonie’s Jennifer Gaida

Chicago director, Christian Taylor screening at GI Fest


Second City Teacher, Marine Vet screens film in GI Fest

Chicago actress “mixes” it up on hit ABC sitcom


Going South Side with Rolando Boyce of ‘The Chi’

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