Editor Ariana De Simone of Optimus teams with Chance the Rapper

Chicago artist Chance the Rapper and Ariana DeSimone

After walking away with three Grammys for his 2016 record, Coloring Book, Chicago artist Chance the Rapper set out to perform a concert like no other. The private concert was held at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios back in 2017 for a select group of fans and intentionally staged and filmed as a movie, Magnificent Coloring World.

This unique approach of filmmaking juxtaposed with a live concert was edited by Ariana De Simone of Chicago post production house Optimus, who collaborated with Chance to create a visually striking and musically all encompassing experience.

Optimus, Chicago’s leading production and post-production house, was responsible for the post production on this exciting concert film. A true one-stop shop, Optimus and its production arm, ONE at Optimus specialize in creating and delivering top-notch, award-winning content made up of a diverse collective of award-winning editors, filmmakers, storytellers, and artists. 

When editor Ariana De Simone teamed up with Chance the Rapper to edit Magnificent Coloring World, it was a dream come true project. The talented editor expressed that, “working side by side with Chance was a dream and the reality of getting to see his creativity and see how passionate he is, not just about music but also about film, was such an inspiring work experience.”

Chance had previously worked with Optimus and De Simone on his music video We Go High.  The Chicago natives built a creative camaraderie and Chance once again reached out to Optimus and De Simone to edit this visionary project.

Using footage from the concert, Ariana helped craft a story showing the #1 fans journey to this one of a kind show. She worked side-by-side with Chance in his studio for roughly a month to help create his vision, and the Optimus Finish/VFX/Color team all collectively worked on the final piece. 

While going through the concert footage dating back to 2017, De Simone found footage of herself attending Chance’s concert before she had worked with him on both We Go High or Magnificent Coloring World

This was a full circle moment for De Simone, from an audience member at a concert to a collaborator and editor of said artist’s concert.  “Not only was this project a dream come true, but very surreal as I’m looking through footage and find myself in that concert footage and now I’m sitting in the room editing that same footage next to Chance. I’m very appreciative of this entire full circle experience.” 

This Chicago creative team has crafted a one-of-a-kind musical experience for you to enjoy as much as they enjoyed making it. 

Magnificent Coloring World makes its debut Friday, August 13th through August 26th for a limited theatrical release at AMC Theaters. 

Watch the trailer:

Optimus credits on Magnificent Coloring World of the Chicago local team: 

Executive Producer – Jonathan Desir

Executive Creative Director – Mike Ciacciarelli 

Editor – Ariana De Simone 

Lead VFX Artist – Ryan Wood

Colorist – Paul Galati

VFX Artist – Glen Noren 

VFX Artist – Jim Moore

Color Assistant – Colin Cubr 

VFX Assistant – Connor Luczak

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