REELSCREEN: News & Notes

Three Hollywood stars from Chicago will be honored at Showtime’s 8th annual Black Perspectives “Homecoming Celebration” Saturday, Oct. 16 at Thorne Auditorium.

Honorees are Chicago resident, stage and screen veteran Irma P. Hall (“Collateral,” “The Ladykillers”), with nearly 50 films to her credit; Robert Townsend, with close to 20 films to his credit, including “Hollywood Shuffle,” “The Five Heartbeats;” and Harry J. Lennix, (“The Human Stain,” “Matrix Reloaded”).

Presenters are Bonnie DeShong, Stella Foster, Jeanne Sparrow and Robin Robinson.

REELSCREEN: News & Notes – 6/24/04

MOVIEMAKING AT THE MUSEUM. A tremendous amount of work went into “Action: An Adventure in Moviemaking,” the exhibit at the The Museum of Science & Industry. Presented by BankOne, the exhibit goes through the gamut of filmmaking, and includes such fun stuff as more than 100 artifacts including costumes from “X2: X-Men United” and the MagLev car from “Minority Report.” There’s a “Meet the Filmmakers” section Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m.

Mainstream market is aim of Christian filmmaker’s apocalyptic thriller in 24P

Armed with a shoestring budget, a 24P DV camera and a vision of the world’s end, Nathyn Brendan Masters is out to make a Christian, low-budget answer to “The Matrix.”

The stone-faced, sunglass-sporting heavies are not computer enforcers, but agents of the false Messiah, in Masters’ “The 4th Beast: Mask of the Antichrist”.

Jon Ross stars as an Iraq War veteran recruited to protect a CD containing information about the Antichrist from a group of rogue priests hunting for the CD, as the prophecies of Revelations begin to unfold.

Walking Shadows gears up for
‘post-contemporary’ Macbeth film

Walking Shadows partners Kirk Sanders (left) and Jon Gaunt