Producing training videos ?people want to watch’

HoneyTech’s security training videos are eminently watchful, “mostly CGI with a high-tech feel– think ?Tron’ or ?The Matrix’ — because we wanted to change things,” says company president Lance Spitzner.

That’s one reason the Naperville-based company has expanded from two to nine employees in the past year. An upcoming video will be used to train government employees throughout the United Arab Emirates.

“Video training is a great way to reach a lot of people around the world,” says Spitzner.

However, he says, “Most of the information security training you find nowadays was developed by security geeks, not by graphic or video specialists.

“While the content is good, the videos themselves are just terrible. We wanted to change things, develop training videos that people want to watch.”

HoneyTech’s videos are free of on-camera speech, for ease of translation, and their imagery is meant to be culturally universal.

“The key challenge we have is, the training must be easily translated and adaptable to any culture in the world,” Spitzner says. “Security is a global problem; we want our videos to apply regardless of your culture, language, or nationality.”