White Sox get ready for spring with 3D sales tool

The Chicago White Sox is the first team in any league to utilize a realistic 3D environment of US Cellular Field to showcase sponsorships and corporate partnerships in action, created and produced by LimeGreen Entertainment Group.

“This new platform gives sponsors a more realistic idea of how their brand will come to life during US Cellular Field games and other events,” said Mike Stratta, LimeGreen managing partner.

Though the site’s main purpose is to exhibit sponsorship opportunities via a classic web interface, it’s set apart from similar sales tools by incorporating an entirely interactive, media-rich, 3D US Cellular Field.

Real sights and sounds of sponsorships at work in the environment include full-motion LED video displays, signage that rotates, and an HD center field video and matrix boards that support it.

Actionable HUDs (Heads-up Displays) give descriptions of each asset, along with photographs and 360 views of the suites and an interactive press box. Also featured are the White Sox announcer broadcasting in-game opportunities, and vendors shouting out beverage brands sold during a game.