The Bear: Complete list of dozens of cameos and guest appearances

Season 2 of The Bear hit Hulu last week and not only are critics raving, but The Bear season 2 is FX’s biggest premiere on Hulu ever! Season 1 had a peppering of notable cameos and guest stars, but Season 2 is jam packed with Academy Award winners, Chicago locals, and other recognizable talents. 

The 8 episode first season of The Bear, followed a classically trained, world class chef, played by ShamelessJeremy Allen White, who took over a small, yet popular Chicago sandwich shop, left to him by his brother (Jon Bernthal from The Punisher & The Walking Dead) who died by suicide. The restaurant based dramady became an instant hit featuring guest stars Oliver Platt (Chicago Med’s Dr. Daniel Charles) appeared in 2 episodes as Uncle Jimmy, Amy Morton (Chicago P.D.’s Trudy Platt) appeared in Episode 2 as the health inspector, and John Hughes’ muse for Chicago based 80’s films, Molly Ringwald appeared in Episode 3 as the Al-Anon counselor.

The Bear stars Jeremy Allen White as Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto, Ayo Edebiri as Sydney Adamu, Ebon MossBachrach as Richard ‘Richie’ Jerimovich, Lionel Boyce as Marcus, Abby Elliott as Natalie ‘Sugar’ Berzatto, Matty Matheson as Neil Fak, and Liza ColónZayas as Tina and features Corey Hendrix as Gary ‘Sweeps’ Woods, Jose Cervantes Jr as Angel, Richard Esteras as Manny, and Edwin Lee Gibson as Ebraheim as co-stars. 

The ten episode Season 2 of The Bear has kicked it up a notch and seasoned the mix with an incredible list of cameos and guest stars.

Here’s our complete list of cameos and guest stars featured in Hulu and FX’s hit series, The Bear listed by episode:

WARNING! This contains possible spoilers for episodes of Season 2 of FX’s The Bear now streaming on Hulu!

Episode 1 Beef

In Season 1 Oliver Platt, who plays our beloved Dr. Daniel Charles on Chicago Med is reprising his role as Uncle Jimmy, who may or may not be affiliated with organized crime. In the first season, Uncle Jimmy only appeared in 2 episodes, but in Season 2 Uncle Jimmy is taking more of an active role in the planning and preparation of the new restaurant giving Oliver Platt a recurring guest role where he appears in 6 out of 10 episodes. 

Alma Washington appears in three episodes as Angela Brooks with Episode 1 as her first of the three. Keen eyed fans of Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire might recognize her from her appearances on those shows. Washington was a major fixture of Chicago’s theatrical stages and appeared in several productions including The Story at The Goodman Theatre, Theatre on the Lake in Steppenwolf’s Arts Exchange production of A Lesson Before Dying, and The Member of the Wedding with Organic Theater Company. 

Episode 2 Pasta

Booksmart’s Molly Gordon has joined the cast of The Bear as a recurring guest star who plays Carmy’s love interest Claire. Pursuing a romantic relationship at the same time as planning the opening of a fine dining restaurant is insanely difficult and Claire provides Carmy with a distraction which causes some mild conflict throughout the season. Claire and Carmy have apparently always had an attraction for each other and while the timing isn’t exactly right, the two have undeniable chemistry and we all fall in love with her with each episode, alongside Carmy. Gordon appears in a total of 6 episodes with Episode 2 as her introduction to the series.

The Bear

Stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director, and producer Robert Townsend plays Sydney’s well meaning and protective father who is nervous that his daughter will fail for a second time after her own catering business failed. Townsend appears in 4 episodes as Emmanuel Adamu with Episode 2 as his first. A Chicago native, Townsend is often referred to as one of the “Godfathers” of the Independent Film World.” With over 30 years in the business, he has made an indelible mark in Hollywood with an extensive list of credits. 

Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Chicago Michael Salzinski appears in 2 episodes of Season 2 as an instructor at the Culinary school where Tina polishes her skills. Salzinski has been a Chef Instructor at Chicago’s Le Cordon Bleu for over 21 years and added a level of authenticity to the show.

Episode 3 Sundae

Molly Gordon makes her second appearance as a recurring guest star in Sundae, taking Carmy away from Sydney which forces her to take a culinary tasting tour of Chicago on her own. 

New Orleans native CG who played Shar in 2022’s Queer as Folk appears as Nayia, a chef at the fictional Verdana French Bistro during Sydney’s solo Chicago tasting tour. Unfortunately for Nayia, much like many amazing restaurants around the country, Verdana is forced to close by the end of the season, only intensifying Syndney’s anxiety over the grand opening of The Bear restaurant.

Sydney’s culinary tasting tour of Chicago takes her to real Chicago restaurants as well as fictional ones. When she visits the real Kasama she is served by a waiter played by Chicago local Angelo Dolojan. Camille Grandjean is a real life front of the house team member at Kasama and appears as the cashier at Kasama on the show. 

Sydney tries to poach some employees behind a local establishment and gets caught by an angry chef played by Joel Gelman, who has also appeared on Chicago Med.

Acclaimed chef and butcher Rob Levitt also appears in Sundae as Chef Rob and walks Sydney through different cuts of meat as well as giving her some restaurant advice. Levitt who is a renowned Head Chef and Butcher, is currently helming the butcher shop at Publican Quality Meats.

Chicago-born Donnie J. Madia, who is one of Chicago’s most acclaimed restaurateurs appears as himself and gives Sydney some advice, which is echoed by all of the other restaurateurs she interacts with on her Chicago tasting tour. Madia’s unique blend of visionary inspiration, attention to detail and sense of unlimited possibilities informs all he touches, as evidenced in the nine-time James Beard award-winning restaurant collective One Off Hospitality Group which he is the Managing Partner and Owner.

Claire McDonal, who is General Manager of the real life avec restaurant in Chicago appears as a General Manager. avec has been featured in Where To Eat Outdoors In Chicago and is listed in the Michelin Guide. avec’s Dylan Patel appears as Chef Dylan. In 2022 and at age 27, Patel was promoted to chef de cuisine of avec River North and bar avec, the sister rooftop of avec’s second location, and was recognized by Nation’s Restaurant News on their 2022 Chefs “Power List” as well as being named a “Top Innovator” by CS Magazine for the culture he’s cultivated for the avec brand through the years.

Sundae also features a cameo from Daniel Wat and Eric Wat, brothers who run the Chicago dumpling restaurant Lao Peng You.

Episode 4 Honeydew

Sydney and Carmy agree to send Marcus off to Denmark so he can study under the tutelage of Carmy’s friend Chef Luca who is played by Will Poulter. Poulter has had his own evolution from the goofy teen he played alongside Second City alum Jason Sudeikis in We’re the Millers. In Honeydew, Poulter’s character is self-confident, but calm and patient as he teaches Marcus how to become a better pastry chef. 

Chicago native and former Saturday Night Live cast member Alex Moffat is introduced as Josh, who interviews with Sydney and immediately gets hired. If it’s not apparent by his appearance and attitude during his interview, Moffat will provide some comic relief during an exceptionally stressful series of events during his very limited screen time. 

Fellow Chicago native and comedian Carmen Christopher appears in 6 episodes as Chester. In addition to The Bear, Christopher has had recurring roles on Killing It, Joe Pera Talks To You, Shrill, and Search Party. 

Alma Washington makes another appearance as Angela Brooks in this episode.

Old Town School of Folk Music instructor Alka Nayyar appears as Kristy. Nayyar has also appeared on both Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. as Dr. Isley. 

Episode 5 Pop

Oliver Platt and Molly Gordon appear again as guest stars in Pop.

Comedian, actress, and writer Mitra Jouhari appears as Kelly. Jouhari is a WGA award winning writer who wrote episodes of Three Busy Debras, Human Resources, and Big Mouth. As an actress Jouhari is known for playing Yazmin in The Big Sick and her numerous voice acting credits. 

If you think you might recognize Tim the drywall guy, you might be right. Tim the drywall guy is played by The Second City alum Nate Varrone, whose work has been featured on Vulture, Comedy Central, and McSweeney’s.

Ritchie’s electrician is played by Jack Bronis who appeared in 2 episodes of Chicago Fire.

Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Chicago Michael Salzinski makes his second appearance in this episode along with Demetra Dee who appears as a culinary school student. Dee is a familiar face among the theater circuit appearing in Relentless at the Goodman Theatre, The Last Pair of Earlies at the Raven Theatre and Middle Passage at the Lifeline Theatre.

Michael B. Woods, who plays the new electrician, is another familiar face among Chicagoians. Woods has also appeared in Shining Girls and 2 episodes of Chicago P.D. as Bobby Trent.

The new plumber is played by Alfred H. Wilson who has appeared in The Chi, Shameless, and Chicago Fire

Episode 6 Fishes

This is the mother of all episodes and that is due in part to the phenomenal performance by Academy Award winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis as the family matriarch Donna Berzatto. Curtis wrote on her official Instagram that it was a “role of a lifetime” and that she just knew that she would play Carmy, Mikey, and Sugar’s mom when she was mentioned in the first season. Curtis stole the entire season with her performance at the most uncomfortable family Christmas dinner you could ever imagine. 

Fishes is a flashback into the Berzatto home long before Mikey takes his own life and leaves The Original Beef of Chicagoland to Carmy. Jon Bernthal appears as Michael “Mikey” Berzatto and we get a glimpse of his mindset at that time as he argues and throws cutlery at Uncle Lee who is not exactly one of the nicest of people and is played by Chicago native and Better Call Saul star, Bob Odenkirk

The episode is stuffed with incredible guest appearances along with Carmy, Cousin Ritchie, Sugar, and previously mentioned Mikey, Uncle Lee, and Donna, Oliver Platt is seated at the table as Uncle Jimmy, once again. 

Community and Netflix’s Love’s Gillian Jacobs appears as Ritchie’s wife Tiffany Jerimovich in her first of 2 episodes. 

Chris Witaske reprises his role as Sugar’s husband Pete who appears in three episodes in Season 2.

Emmy Award and Golden Globe winning actress Sarah Paulson is also seated at the table as Cousin Michelle, who brought Stevie, played by Chicago native and SNL alum John Mulvaney.

Theodore Fak is played by Ricky Staffieri who has appeared on Better Call Saul and Chicago P.D. and Maura Kidwell who has appeared on Chicago Justice, South Side, and Chicago Med plays Carol.

Episode 7 Forks

The whole theme of this season is transformation and Ritchie spends this episode going through his own butterfly transformation as he works tirelessly at Ever, which is known as “the best restaurant in the world,” according to Garrett who is played by Platonic’s Andrew Lopez.

Gillian Jacobs makes her second appearance as Ritchie’s wife, only now, she’s Ritchie’s ex-wife and the two are sharing custody of their daughter. 

The general manager is played by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rene Gube and Midnight, Texas’ Sarah Ramos plays Jessica. Adam Shapiro, an actor and director, known for Steve Jobs, Never Have I Ever and She Said plays the The Chef de Cuisine at Ever where Ritchie is interning for a week. 

Paulina Pahl is a real life Fine Dining Professional who works at the real life Ever in Chicago and appears as a server at Ever on this episode of The Bear. 

In the episode a guest at Ever is overheard saying they were disappointed that they didn’t have a chance to try Chicago deep dish pizza. Ritchie is tasked with running to Pequods to purchase a pizza that they could plate and serve to the guest. When Ebon Moss-Bachrach (as Ritchie) goes into Pequods, he is given a pizza by Noah Schenker who was really working at Pequods at the time. 

After going through his “Glow-up” transformation, on his last day interning at the world renowned restaurant Ever, Ritchie wanders into the kitchen to find Chef Terry who is played by Academy Award winner Olivia Colman. Chef Terry is the Head Chef of Ever and Ritchie and Chef Terry have a nice moment where they bond over similar pasts as they chit-chat over mushrooms. 

Episode 8 Bolognese

Oliver Platt, Molly Gordon, Robert Townsend, and Chris Witaske all appear as guest stars in Bolognese. 

Alex Moffat makes a second of 4 appearances in Season 2 of The Bear.

Alma Washington makes her third and final appearance for Season 2. 

Jack Lancaster makes his first of 3 appearances as Connor. Lancaster also appeared in two other Chicago projects Shining Girls and Power Book IV: Force.

Episode 9 Omelet

Oliver Platt, Molly Gordon, Robert Townsend, Alex Moffat, Carmen Christopher, Ricky Staffieri, and Jack Lancaster return as guest stars in Episode 9. 

Episode 10 The Bear

The time has come and it is the soft opening for friends and family at the new fine dining restaurant named The Bear. 

Oliver Platt appears once again as Uncle Jimmy and is pleased and proud of Carmy. 

Donna, who is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, has been invited to the event and she almost makes it inside. Pete, played by Chris Witaske, desperately tries to get Donna to go into the restaurant, knowing that Sugar really wanted her there. 

Carmen Christopher returns as Chester, Ricky Staffieri returns as Theodore Fak, and Maura Kidwell returns as Carol. Jack Lancaster returns as Connor, Mitra Jouhari returns as Kelly and Donnie J. Madia returns as himself.

As the night gets going Carmy finds himself locked in the walk-in freezer because he forgot to deal with the broken door while he was gallivanting around with Claire (Molly Gordon) daring to carve out a little personal happiness for himself. While he is trapped, his very talented and competent team rise to the occasion and fill all of the orders. All but one team member that is. Josh (Alex Moffat) is nowhere to be found. When there is a brief lull in the stress and excitement Marcus looks for him and finds him smoking crack behind the restaurant. Moffat probably had less than 1 minute of screen time and yet he has one of the most memorable moments in the entire show. 

While Carmy is locked in the walk-in freezer, he understandably has a panic attack and he is terrified that his restaurant will fail. He is reminded of all the heinous things his former boss, credited only as “NYC Chef,” played by Community’s Joel McHale said to him when he was working for him. During this time he imagines “NYC Chef” is seated in Carmy’s restaurant judging him and he hears him whisper in his ear that she should kill himself. 

When the night is finally over and his team are working on getting someone there to get him out, still panicked, Carmy apologizes to who he thinks is Tina listening by the door. He apologizes for all the mistakes he thinks he has made, especially allowing himself to be distracted by dating Claire (Molly Gordon), who, of course is the one who hears him say that their relationship was a waste of time and runs out of the restaurant just as Carmy is freed. 

Outside, Sydney’s father, played by Robert Townsend, finds her vomiting from the stress. He tells her that she did a great job and leaves her to her vomiting in his last guest appearance of the season. 

To add even more authenticity, the handyman who cuts Carmy out of the walk-in freezer is none other than Steve Hull who is the construction coordinator of The Bear. 

The series was created by Christopher Storer, who also serves as executive producer alongside Joanna Calo, Hiro Murai, and Nate Matteson of Super Frog and Josh Senior, with Tyson Bidner serving as producer and Matty Matheson as co-producer.

All episodes of Season 1 and Season 2 are currently streaming on Hulu.

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