Glad & FCB launch a Kitchen Keynote with Angela Kinsey

This afternoon, Angela Kinsey from The Office announces Glad ForceFlex Plus in a Kitchen Keynote that’s guaranteed to keep you entertained for 8 full minutes.

Similar to Apple, Microsoft and other Silicon Valley Tech Titans, Glad has an innovation to be proud of. So, the brand decided to go big and launch its “greatest innovation ever” (in trash) with a YouTube premiered Keynote – a Kitchen Keynote.

Is implying a trash bag can be one of the most innovative thing your home with an over-the-top keynote address a stretch? Maybe. But has our trash bag ever made your screen freeze in the middle of a Zoom presentation?

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“I have used Glad trash bags for years,” said Angela. “They are my go-to for our kitchen trash cans. I love their durability and I like the scented bags for kitchen messes. When Glad reached out to me, this feel like a very organic fit.”

“Launching a trash bag with a humorous take on technology felt like a great way to stick out in the category, but also a great way to stick out when a lot of ads we’re seeing are a bit heavy and serious,” said Lisa Bright, EVP, Executive Creative Director at FCB Chicago. “We’re hoping Angela, a man in a cloud suit, a flautist named Jettika and Glad can bring a little levity, and of course fewer leaks, to life right now.”

“Everything – from phones, to homes, cars and lights – is smart these days but there’s really only one innovation that will never let you down and it’s sitting right in your trash can,” said Nick Higgins, Vice President Glad Marketing. “With our new Glad ForceFlexPlus we designed extra-durable bags that deliver the most innovative leak protection and prevention. And while taking out the trash is no laughing matter, we are launching this product in a way that adds some levity to one of the most mundane household chores. This product and our ads aim to spotlight our innovative features and make people laugh along the way.”

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