Chicago Fire hits 250th episode, fans name their favorites

250th episode
Chicago Fire hits their 250th episode

Chicago Fire has reached a big milestone this season. Their 250th episode Inside Man is airing this Wednesday.

We really struggled to try to narrow it down to just one favorite episode, so we did a little research and thought we would share what the Chicago Fire fans liked best. (We did finally agree on our favorite and it is revealed at the end of the list.)

Here’s the top 20 episodes as rated by Chicago Fire fans on IMDb:

20. A Coffin That Small (2013) Kelly pushes to get Peter on the Rescue Squad, while chewing out Casey for being around Darden’s widow. A tragedy strikes the fire crew. There is a shooting at the firehouse. Herrmann tries to reconnect with his family.

19. The White Whale (2019) A serial arsonist cold case is reopened when Lt. Severide finds a connection to a recent salon fire. Firehouse 51 celebrates a retirement party.

18. The Chance to Forgive (2018) Otis and Kidd respond to a call involving a residential fire only to head into danger when gunfire goes off in the house.

17. Purgatory (2017) Members of Firehouse 51 are split up and reassigned to various houses in Chicago by Chief Anderson.

16. The Sky Is Falling (2016) Mysterious threats begin to emerge throughout Chicago and the situation gets worse when news of a mass shooting brings Firehouse 51 into a dangerous scene.

15. Chopper (2014) The members of the firehouse spring into action when a helicopter explodes over a populated area.

14. Not Like This (2013) All seems lost with firehouse 51 on the verge of closing its doors, thanks in no small part to Gail McLeod, but Chief Boden and the rest of the house refuse to allow themselves to sit by and let it happen. An emergency call to an apartment structure fire tests everyone’s limits and puts the squad in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Dawson receives some life-changing news and union president Greg Sullivan makes headlines, which has an immediate impact on Mouch.

13. No Regrets (2013) McLeod continues to pressure Chief Boden, threatening to close Station 51, since he failed to retire as planned. “Mouch” steps up to pressure the union leader to preserve the station.

12. Infection, Part I (2019) A deadly bacteria takes its toll on numerous victims around the city, leaving Chicago’s finest first responders to work together alongside the CDC to resolve the dangerous situation; Severide suspects something bigger is happening.

11. Carry Me (2017) Casey takes drastic measures to help Kannell.

10. Telling Her Goodbye (2017) Firehouse 51 is taken over by local gangsters.

9. The Last One for Mom (2016) Severide watches over Detective Holloway’s son while she testifies in court as part of an undercover operation, but he’s left to deal with the situation due to an unexpected turn of events.

8. I Am the Apocalypse (2015) Members of Firehouse 51 transport victims of a gas leak to nearby Chicago Med; an armed patient claiming to be carrying a deadly airborne disease forces Chicago Med into lockdown.

7. Sacred Ground (2019) The mattress factory fire spirals out of control. Truck and squad lay it on the line in hopes of getting the trapped victims out alive.

6. I’m Not Leaving You (2019) Severide and Kidd continue to investigate Benny’s old arson case. Unexpected news leads Brett to ponder a big decision. All hell breaks loose.

5. Going to War (2018) A raging fire consumes a 25-story apartment building complex, trapping victims on the top floors.

4. Deathtrap (2017) Firehouse 51 responds to the scene of a blaze that puts many lives in danger, including someone related to a Chicago police officer.

3. Real Never Waits (2014) A fire at a boarding school shakes up Lt. Severide; Lt. Casey tries to help Dawson; Mills looks into his father’s past.

2.  A Dark Day (2014) An explosion at a hospital where Casey and Dawson are volunteering for a charity run sends Chicago into chaos.

1. My Miracle (2017) A dangerous warehouse fire puts truck and squad at risk. Tensions rise for Dawson and Casey as Dawson’s father overstays his welcome at their home. Mouch considers retirement.

There’s a lot of history in those 250 episodes. We love them all but if we have to pick one, Reel Chicago’s favorite episode is Completely Shattered. In this episode Field Chief, Evan Hawkins was tragically killed in the Pickwick Theatre fire as the entire team witnessed the collapse of the building. In an exceptional performance by Hanako Greensmith, Violet attempts to revive Hawkins as his body is pulled from the wreckage.

I was on set to watch the filming and I can say first hand the Pickwick Theatre truly looked as if it was engulfed in flames. Those were real flames! Once again our Chicago Fire crew takes it up a notch.

Congratulations Chicago Fire! Here’s to 250 more!

Chicago Fire principal cast members appearing in Season 12 are Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker, David Eigenberg, Miranda Rae Mayo, Hanako Greensmith, Christian Stolte, Joe Minoso, Daniel Kyri, Kara Killmer, Alberto Rosende, Jesse Spencer.

Chicago Fire executive producers include Dick Wolf, Derek Haas, Todd Arnow, Andrea Newman, Michael Gilvary, Michael Brandt, Reza Tabrizi, Arthur W. Forney, Peter Jankowski. 

Chicago Fire is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with Wolf Entertainment. Filmed at Cinespace Chicago Film Studio.



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