Park Ridge locals gather to watch Chicago Fire save the flaming Pickwick

It’s been a bit like a holiday event this week in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge. Locals have been watching Chicago Fire crews all week as they prep the historic Pickwick Theatre for filming.

Who wouldn’t be interested when the rumor in town was their beloved landmark was about to experience a serious fire and partial collapse.

Bulletins were posted by the Town of Park Ridge to keep the locals informed on the prep and filming dates and on the first day of filming the town turned out like the 4th of July parade. People lined the street with folding chairs and coolers waiting for the show to begin. Their patience was rewarded by the amazingly friendly Chicago Fire team. All were on board and willing to chat and grab selfies and the entire cast even filmed a quick public service announcement promoting the Park Ridge Police Department fundraiser for the Special Olympics. Could we love anyone more than One Chicago cast members?

Things began to get tense when the onlookers were asked to move across the street. It wasn’t until late evening when what could only be compared to a fireworks finale, the Pickwick Theatre went up in flames. Yes, real flames spread across the entire roof of the theatre and an ominous glow was seen through the windows. This, of course, was all being controlled by the amazing Chicago Fire techs.

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The filming is expected to continue through Monday and then the beloved Pickwick will be returned to its original condition.

“A few more days and then you won’t even know we were here,” said one crew member.

For those who are interested in seeing this episode, it will air on NBC on October 5 and streaming next-day, on Peacock.

Check back. New photos will be added through Monday.

The stage door facade covered over the store fronts of the Sooo Cute Boutique and Evonne Estelle’s.

Here is the before:

Crews are removing the Stage Door entrance after second day of filming. 

Cast and crew returned Monday night for the final filming day at the Pickwick.

The Season 11 premiere is Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 8pm CST. This episode will air on October 26.


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