“Batman vs. Superman?” Ad execs weigh in on the victor

As you undoubtedly know, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” one of 2016’s most anticipated films – produced for a stunning $410 million — opens globally at theaters today.

Chicago is no stranger to the DC Universe, having first doubled as Gotham, in 2005’s “Batman Begins” and 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” and then morphing into Metropolis in 2013’s “Man of Steel.”

Adam (Batman) West touts textbooks in web campaign

Pop cultural icon Adam West (better known as “Batman” and the Mayor of Quahog) has become something of a BFF to Robbie Vasquez, president/creative director of 426 Inc agency.

Vasquez cast the actor as pitchman for a college bookstore in a campaign that exceeded popularity goals with its target audience.

“Batman vs. Superman” prepro starts in Pontiac studios

At a reported budget of a jaw-dropping $250 million, “Batman vs. Superman” will unquestionably be the biggest movie ever shot in Michigan (and yes, we’re jealous)! The budget alone is equivalent to about a year’s gross income from film that Michigan enjoyed for about three years, before the current governor drastically curtailed the state’s film incentives. 

A labor of love: Jerry Vasilatos shoots a short Batman fan tribute on dark deserted streets

Chicago filmmaker Jerry Vasilatos says “no copyright infringement is intended” by his shoestring-budgeted short film “The Dark Knight Project,” which he filmed this past weekend.

His Batman fan short bridges 2005’s “Batman Begins” and the upcoming “The Dark Knight” Warner Bros. blockbuster.

Last spring, Vasilatos returned to Chicago after 10 years in L.A. working as a producer, director and editor with clients including Universal Home Video, The Reelz Channel and Fox Atomic.

“Gotham, IL” takes poetic license with Bat-madness during Waukegan “Batman” shoot

When we last checked in with the Waukegan film scene, the big boys were bringing Batman to the Amstutz, and the local boys were challenging aspiring filmmakers to complete a movie in 24 hours over Independence Day weekend.

Now we find that those two events have conspired to bring us the latest film project in the ancestral home of cinema: “Gotham, IL.”.

“Batman” brass gives high marks to city cooperation during three week shoot

“Batman” flew back to London Aug. 22 and downtown streets are back to normal after intense movie action was packed into a relatively short three week schedule.

Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal and CFO project coordinator Kathy Byrne began last January to clear the way for filming that required “the full force of city participation,” said Moskal.

“Virtually the entire downtown needed to be involved ? the CTA, Transportation, Bureau of Bridges, police and fire departments, Office of Emergency Management and the city,” he said.

Caped protector “Batman” flies into city with famous friends this summer

The city will be replete with A-list actors when the fifth in the “Batman” series films in Chicago starting in late July and running through August.

“Batman Begins” is directed by Christopher Nolan and written by David Goyer. Filming started last week in Iceland and then moves to London before coming here. Chicago production budget is unknown at this time.

“Batman” co-stars “American Psycho” actor Christian Bale as Batman and Oscar winner Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler, Alfred. Gary Oldman plays Lt.

Memories of director Joel Schumacher who has died at 80

3+ Acclaimed Hollywood director Joel Shumacher who hit the big time after directing a string of successful movies including Flatliners (1990), The Lost Boys (1987) and St. Elmo’s Fire (1985) has passed of cancer at age 80. He famously took over the Batman franchise from director Tim Burton with the two box-office smashes Batman Forever (1995) and … Continue reading “Memories of director Joel Schumacher who has died at 80”

Michael Shannon responds to Snyder’s ‘Justice League’

3+ Back in 2013, Chicago fave actor, Michael Shannon, played General Zod in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. While the Chicago-shot film was divisive, it still grossed in the neighborhood of $600 million. And no one has ever criticized Shannon’s portrayal of the Kryptonian general. Shannon, always the professional, has never had a bad word … Continue reading “Michael Shannon responds to Snyder’s ‘Justice League’”

Kate Kane will be replaced, not killed off in ‘Batwoman’

2+ Last month, we reported that the star of the CW’s Batwoman, Ruby Rose, would be leaving the series and recast. Like most, we speculated that the character would simply be recast ala Darrin in Bewitched or Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Then rumors began to circulate that an entirely new character … Continue reading “Kate Kane will be replaced, not killed off in ‘Batwoman’”

Chicago’s Harry Lennix hints at Martian Manhunter role

0 Last week, Warner Bros made big headlines by announcing the release of Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League. In 2016, Snyder stepped away from the production and was replaced by Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon, who supervised several rewrites and reshoots to the film that saw many elements cut out. … Continue reading “Chicago’s Harry Lennix hints at Martian Manhunter role”

Chicago Stunt Community punches COVID-19 in face

5+ Right now, social distancing due to the horrendous coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, is now the norm. But the Chicago Stunt community is finding ways to still be creative while keeping a safe distance. Inspired by stuntman Aaron Toney, (Avengers: Infinity War/End Game and Black Panther), to create a “worldwide fight,” local stuntman Shawn Bernal … Continue reading “Chicago Stunt Community punches COVID-19 in face”

Cinespace Studios welcomes new pilots for Fox and NBC

13+ Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, the second largest film studio in the country, with 36 studios and more than 2 million square feet on the west and south sides of Chicago, is pleased to welcome two pilots to its campus this season. NBC has greenlight Ordinary Joe and Fox has given a pilot offer for The Big Leap. … Continue reading “Cinespace Studios welcomes new pilots for Fox and NBC”

Flavor adds Joshua Studebaker to L.A. staff

2+ Visionary Artist assumes CG Supervisor role to heighten global superpowers The leaders from creative production studio Flavor are very proud to announce the addition of Joshua Studebaker to their Los Angeles staff in the position of CG supervisor. The announcement was made by Executive Producer Darren Jaffe. For more than eight years, Studebaker has … Continue reading “Flavor adds Joshua Studebaker to L.A. staff”

Cinepocalypse unveils 2019 lineup

3+ The June 13-20 Music Box Theatre fest opens with the World Premiere of Glenn Danzig’s “Verotika” Cinepocalypse, Chicago’s premiere festival for electrifying and provocative genre cinema, returns to the Music Box Theatre June 13th for eight days of features, shorts, events and surprises, including eight fantastic break-out world premieres! We’re proud to announce our … Continue reading “Cinepocalypse unveils 2019 lineup”

CW’s ‘Batwoman’ shooting in town this week

3+ Pilot for Arrowverse’s newest addition filming exteriors all around town this week The Bat is back in Chi. But it’s not Christian Bale’s Batman, which used Chicago as a backdrop for Gotham City from 2005 – 2012 in Christopher Nolan’s infamous Dark Knight trilogy. This time it’s Orange is the New Black’s and The … Continue reading “CW’s ‘Batwoman’ shooting in town this week”

Cramer Krasselt panel talks about “Changing the Narrative”

4+ An industry group discussion helps launch a new chapter on diversity and inclusion in advertising Cramer Krasselt’s Changing the Narrative panel discussion on February 26 was a journey into the complexities of being Black in America. For nearly an hour, Burrell Communications Chief Creative Officer Lewis Williams, Inclusion Nation Founder Michelle Silverthorn, Creative Consultant … Continue reading “Cramer Krasselt panel talks about “Changing the Narrative””

My real life superhero Stan Lee passes at 95

4+ Then I discovered my first “Spider-man” comic. Here was someone I could relate to. Stan Lee will always be remembered for creating iconic Marvel superheroes Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men and of course my beloved Avengers. He died today and I think a little bit of myself passed away with him. Here’s why. … Continue reading “My real life superhero Stan Lee passes at 95”

Periscope hires Manuela Hung as General Manager

5+ With decades of experience Hung becomes an integral member of the rapidly expanding shop (Chicago — 1 August 2018) Manuela Hung has joined the Chicago office of Periscope Post & Audio as General Manager. With decades of industry experience, Hung began her career working as a photographer and in film laboratories where she trained … Continue reading “Periscope hires Manuela Hung as General Manager”