Caped protector “Batman” flies into city with famous friends this summer

The city will be replete with A-list actors when the fifth in the “Batman” series films in Chicago starting in late July and running through August.

“Batman Begins” is directed by Christopher Nolan and written by David Goyer. Filming started last week in Iceland and then moves to London before coming here. Chicago production budget is unknown at this time.

“Batman” co-stars “American Psycho” actor Christian Bale as Batman and Oscar winner Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler, Alfred. Gary Oldman plays Lt. James Gordon, a younger version of the character most “Batman” fans know as Commissioner Gordon.

The cast also includes Katie Holmes as one of Wayne’s childhood friends, Liam Neeson as Batman’s mentor, Morgan Freeman as a disgruntled employee of Wayne Enterprises and “The Last Samurai” Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe as the sinister Ra’s Al Ghul.

Producer Warner Bros. plans on a summer 2005 release. Chicago budget has not been set at this time.