‘The Batman’ to shoot in Chicago September 30?

(Matt Reeves’ production might go to Chicago)

To say DC FanDome was a hit with fans would be a mild assessment. As millions of DC fans tuned in from around the world to see the virtual event Saturday, they were treated to new footage from several highly anticipated projects. One of the most anticipated project is Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which has been currently shooting in the U.K.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shut down the next adventure of The Dark Knight as well as other films including Mission Impossible 7, Jurassic World: Dominion, The Matrix 4 and more. But it looks as if casts and crews will be returning to under new guidelines. Jurassic World: Dominion and The Matrix 4 have started back up in the United Kingdom and Belgium.

According to Production List, which is not always reliable, The Batman has listed production dates as September 30 in Chicago.

Production List is a membership site that helps TV and film-makers find work on upcoming projects, and the Batman listing was reshared on Reddit’s DCEU leaks community 

If Reeves’ film does shoot in Chicago it will put it possibly in the same league with arguably the greatest CBM ever filmed, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, which used Chicago locations in 2007.

While Gotham is a fictional city, it’s sometimes considered to be the DC universe’s stand-in for New York. However, in The Dark Knight, Nolan used Chicago to give it a distinct look and feel.

We also have the trailer which Warner Bros shared with Reel 360 and Reel Chicago. Watch the brutal and exciting trailer below:

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During the film’s panel, director and co-writer Matt Reeves discussed what fans can expect from the film slated for October 2021. The film takes place in Batman’s second and year and according to Reeves, “he’s trying to figure out what he can do to change this place…he is not having any of the effect he wants to have yet.”

Reeves confirmed that Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) is not Catwoman at this point, while “Oz” Cobblepot (a barely recognizable Colin Farrell) being called Penguin.  Reeves also shared that Chinatown and Taxi Driver were among his inspirations. From the looks of the trailer, which also has a feel of Se7en and Zodiac this is a whole new and brutal take on The Dark Knight.

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Starring alongside Pattinson as Gotham’s famous and infamous cast of characters are Zoë Kravitz (“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” “Mad Max: Fury Road”) as Selina Kyle; Paul Dano (“Love & Mercy,” “12 Years a Slave”) as Edward Nashton; Jeffrey Wright (the “Hunger Games” films) as the GCPD’s James Gordon; John Turturro (the “Transformers” films) as Carmine Falcone; Peter Sarsgaard (“The Magnificent Seven,” “Black Mass”) as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson; Jayme Lawson (“Farewell Amor”) as mayoral candidate Bella Reál; with Andy Serkis (the “Planet of the Apes” films, “Black Panther”) as Alfred; and Colin Farrell (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” “Dumbo”) as Oswald Cobblepot.

SOURCE: Production List