Videoconference and chill with Coors Light

(Videoconference with confidence now)

Tired of Zooming? Sick of looking at a Brady Bunch-inspired screen and pretending you’re interested? Coors Light feels you. And now the beer and Leo Burnett want to give you a moment to themselves. 

Introducing the Coors Light Clone Machine. Now your team can create digital dopplegangers and loop a video of themselves to play during their meeting calls, and look like they’re engaged, even when they’ve stepped away.

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It’s a fun, refreshing antidote to the long work-from-home hours and “always on” feelings we’re all experiencing—a perfect tool to make meeting fatigue a bit more bearable.

All it takes is 30 seconds to create a video that looks like you’re engaged in the conversation—an attentive nod, a scribble of notes, a “good point” gesture—and you’re free to enjoy a cold one during the workday. You can then export the video to ZOOM or download it.

Feel free to schedule a ZOOM call with anyone at Reel Chicago. Just give us 30 seconds or so.