Unauthorized Bear clip offers insight into Season 3

FX Network has strongly condemned the unauthorized dissemination of a clip from the highly anticipated third season of its hit dramedy, The Bear.

The scene features Neil Fak, portrayed by Matty Matheson, engaged in conversation with his brother, Ted, played by Ricky Staffieri, in the restaurant’s office. The Fak brothers excitedly call for Carmy, the perfectionist chef, to enter as they prepare to unveil a surprise.

As the camera pans to a wall adorned with 10 framed photos, Fak points out to Carmy that these are portraits of “every major food critic.” This practice, while not uncommon in the culinary world, aims to treat critics as VIPs and potentially influence positive media coverage. However, Carmy appears uneasy as he gazes at the photos, expressing discomfort with the situation.

“I hate this feeling,” Carmy admits, his anxiety palpable.

Despite his reservations, Carmy acknowledges the strategic move, commending the Fak brothers with a reluctant “This is smart — good job.”

Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the Fak brothers have added notes under each critic’s name, revealing intriguing details. Notably, there are two women named “Eliza Cameron,” one described as a blogger and photographer—whose photo actually depicts Sue Chan, a seasoned figure in the food industry. The second “Eliza” is labeled as “mysterious,” with a dismissive comment about her food books.

Other figures include Julian Black, a former assistant general manager at New York’s renowned Carbone, and Naomi Fry, a writer for The New Yorker.

Subsequently shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) and then picked up by various entertainment outlets, the clip has garnered significant attention, much to the dismay of FX.

In an official statement, FX addressed the situation, stating, “Today during The Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting, a clip from the upcoming third season of FX’s The Bear was shown as part of the presentation. The clip was subsequently captured and shared publicly without permission. This clip is not authorized for use beyond the shareholder meeting and we request that you and/or your outlet do not post or share it in any manner. If it has already been posted, we request that it be removed immediately.”


The incident has raised concerns about intellectual property rights and unauthorized leaks, prompting FX to take swift action in requesting media outlets refrain from further dissemination of the clip.

The Bear, which commenced filming its highly anticipated third and fourth seasons in February, is slated to return to FX and Hulu in June. The series, known for its gripping narrative and stellar performances, has garnered critical acclaim, winning 10 Emmys for its debut season, including Best Comedy Series. Additionally, a fourth season has been greenlit, with plans for consecutive filming alongside the third season.

Starring Emmy winners Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, The Bear follows the trials and tribulations of restaurant workers in a high-intensity Chicago eatery. With the first two seasons currently available for streaming on Hulu, anticipation for the upcoming installment has reached a fever pitch among fans and critics alike.