Two by Four and American Place Casino are Changing the Game

Two by Four advertising and marketing agency headquartered in Chicago, joined forces with American Place Casino to create the Change the Game campaign, in a strategic move to transform the gaming landscape.

The campaign, headlined by the showcase :30 second broadcast TV spot Word of Mouth is set to make its mark during the big  game on Sunday as a regional commercial airing in Chicago and Milwaukee.

This campaign is Two by Four’s inaugural collaboration with American Place Casino and aims to help American Place stand out in the Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas, which are saturated with longtime competitors that have a loyal customer base as well as new competitors entering the market for the first time. The campaign spotlights American Place Casino’s unique personalized service and positions it as the go-to destination in Chicagoland and the Milwaukee area for unparalleled gaming experiences.

The Change the Game campaign is reflective of the company’s goal to shift the dynamics in the casino industry. According to American Place Casino Vice President and General Manager, Jeff Babinski, “At American Place Casino, we’re not just building a casino; we’re creating a destination that transcends expectations. Change the Game reflects our commitment to reshaping the casino landscape. From our current offerings to the anticipation of our permanent casino, we’re inviting guests to embrace a new era in gaming and entertainment.”

Showcasing the casino’s relaxed luxury atmosphere, the commercial presents a one-of-a-kind experience with an array of slot machines, table games and dining options. The TV spot opens with the compelling line, “When people drop into the American Place Casino, you won’t believe the things they say,” encouraging viewers to witness the unique offerings firsthand. From quick, dynamic shots to overhead drone footage, the creative production aims to immerse viewers in the excitement of American Place Casino.

Adam VonOhlen, EVP/Executive Creative Director, Two by Four, added, Change the Game, we wanted to highlight the fun you can have by visiting American Place Casino. We wanted the intoxicating environment and the thrill of winning big to jump off the screen. I think we hit the jackpot.”

In addition to a spot during Sunday’s big game, the integrated campaign includes a range of impactful media channels, such as connected TV, out-of-home billboards and a strong radio presence on various stations in Chicago and Milwaukee. Print ads will be featured in prominent regional publications, accompanied by digital and online video.