Chicago actor Jeff Daniel Phillips is new Geico Caveman


The beloved Geico Caveman commercials are making a comeback, and this time, an Illinois native is taking the national spotlight. Jeff Daniel Phillips, hailing from Chicago, has stepped into the role of the newly thawed-out character.

While Phillips is the latest actor to don the caveman persona, he follows in the footsteps of other performers who have brought the character to life over the years, including John Lehr and McManus Woodend.

The Caveman first graced television screens in 2004 as part of the “So easy a caveman can do it” ad campaign, marking the beginning of a cultural phenomenon associated with the insurance company.

In the new reboot from The Martin Agency, Phillips’s character wakes abruptly from his sleep, prompting his companion to inquire about the cause of his disturbance. He confesses that he’s heard “that line again,” referring to the famous Geico tagline. However, he halts his companion before she can repeat it, indicating his frustration with the ongoing association.

As the commercial unfolds, it becomes evident that the Caveman has been grappling with an issue for weeks, stemming from a letter inviting him to participate in a documentary. Despite his desire to set the record straight, he expresses dismay at being turned into a punchline by the media. Watch below:


The commercial comes in various versions, including a 30-second spot and an extended two-minute version, each highlighting the caveman’s humorous yet poignant struggle with his public image.

Phillips’s portrayal brings a fresh perspective to the iconic character, capturing the essence of the Geico Caveman’s enduring appeal while infusing the role with his own unique flair.

As the Geico Caveman returns to the forefront of advertising, audiences can anticipate more memorable moments and humorous escapades from one of the insurance industry’s most recognizable mascots.

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