True Value celebrates Home Improvement Heroes in new campaign

True Value

True Value has collabed with AOR Laughlin Constable to roll out a new campaign aimed at honoring the unsung heroes of home improvement projects. In a bid to support independent home improvement retailers amidst shifting retail landscapes, True Value has unveiled its first campaign in a decade.

The campaign, aptly named “Hardware Heroes,” highlights the empowerment and relatability of DIY home improvement endeavors, championing the expertise provided by neighborhood hardware stores.

Drawing inspiration from Foreigner’s classic hit “Jukebox Hero,” True Value and Laughlin Constable have ingeniously linked the notion of heroes with the iconic song, aiming to evoke pride among True Value store owners worldwide.

Launching amidst a dynamic retail landscape, True Value’s campaign resonates with both independent retailers and consumers alike. Jake Kalnitz, SVP and Chief Merchandising Officer for True Value, praised the campaign’s relatability and freshness, highlighting its departure from industry norms.

“With 75 years under our tool belt, we knew we needed to continue our evolution and create a campaign that would resonate with not only our independent retailers, who are heroes in their own right, but also our customers. I love this campaign because it’s relatable, refreshing and straight up fun. It’s different than anything else in the industry.” Watch below:


“My grandfather was the proud owner and operator of a True Value store for over 30 years. My favorite memory was how he knew how to fix anything – my toys, science projects and pinewood derby cars – he was a true hardware hero,” said Jon Laughlin, co-chief creative officer of Laughlin Constable. “It has been an honor and full-circle moment for me and our family-owned agency to be partners with True Value. The campaign showcases and celebrates that everyone is a Hardware Hero – whether you’re a 30-year store owner like my grandfather or a Do-It-Yourself kind of guy like me.”

Anthony Romano, CEO of Laughlin Constable, emphasized the campaign’s focus on building personal experiences, rooted in the insight that DIY endeavors often necessitate expert guidance. “That combined cultural and brand truth is what makes this campaign so relevant,” Romano noted, reflecting on Laughlin Constable’s commitment to True Value’s brand strategy.

The campaign, comprising :15 and :30 spots crafted by Laughlin Constable, is set to debut on April 1, 2024, across various platforms including connected TV, YouTube pre-roll, Meta, and programmatic display. Emphasizing hyper-local solutions, the campaign aims to connect consumers with products tailored to their community’s needs, available at True Value stores.

As the AOR for True Value, Laughlin Constable continues to spearhead brand strategy, creative development, and media strategy, affirming its dedication to driving True Value’s vision forward.