The Colonie’s Giorgia Harvey edits No One Asked You

The Colonie, an award-winning post production studio, announces editor Giorgia Harvey is set to make waves at America’s largest documentary festival, DOCNYC, with the world premiere of No One Asked You.

Directed by Ruth Leitman and edited by Harvey, the documentary follows Abortion Access Front – a reproductive rights organization led by The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead – and their tireless efforts at the frontlines of the escalating war over Roe Vs. Wade. The film explores this pivotal issue through a blend of comedy and activism.

No One Asked You

“Editing on this scale is thrilling because you’re presented with infinite possibilities. We had seven years of footage and finding the story within was a deeply rewarding experience” says Harvey. “I’m so proud of this team. We were committed to telling this crucial and timely story in the way it deserves to be told. I believe we did that.”

In addition to documentaries, Harvey is also an accomplished commercial editor. After joining The Colonie in April 2022, she quickly became an essential member of their editorial team. Her ability to tell effective and engaging stories has been instrumental on commercial projects for Walgreens, NFL Players Association, WBEZ and the University of Chicago.  

“Watching one of Giorgia’s edits is a thrill” states Colonie editor Jimmy Helm. “Whether she’s editing a broadcast commercial or an electric, energetic montage, her editorial instincts create the most arresting visual combinations. Giorgia’s versatility as an editor is inspiring.”

Harvey approaches every project with a deep appreciation for collaboration while bringing a unique perspective to each narrative. Her dedication to confronting challenging and polarizing subjects reflects her commitment to removing shame and dispelling outdated narratives. 

No One Asked You promises to be a groundbreaking documentary that engages audiences in critical conversations surrounding reproductive rights. Don’t miss the World Premiere of this thought-provoking film on November 13th, 2023 at DOCNYC.

Get your tickets here and be a part of this important cinematic event.

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