Sarofsky adds Creative Director Stefan Draht

Sarofsky, with a reputation for breakthrough design, adds Creative Director Stefan Draht to its full-time staff.

Continuing its growth and its investments into excellence, design-driven production company Sarofsky is adding Creative Director Stefan Draht to its full-time staff. The news was announced by company Principal and Executive Creative Director Erin Sarofsky, and Executive Producer Steven Anderson.

“Adding another creative director is not a decision that is made lightly,” Erin explained. “That person has to be an exact right fit in all the ways. They need to be a creative genius, technically superior, stylistically well rounded, thoughtful, a clear communicator, a mentor, an advocate for the clients’ needs, and be in-sync with me – yet still have their own opinions and perspectives. And after all these years, I am absolutely sure that Stefan is the perfect addition to the studio.”

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A Chicago native who set his sights on the creative industry very early on (thanks to the confluence of “Jurassic Park,” “Toy Story” and a middle-school visit to Optimus), over the past five years, Stefan has built the freelance career of his dreams. Highly sought-after as an impeccable designer and creative director, he has been an instrumental contributor at Sarofsky and beyond… while also providing groundbreaking UI/UX design to help Northern Trust Corp. create next-generation digital experiences.

With his thoughtful original creations and content continuing to soar, Stefan’s artistry also spans film, TV, web, and digital product design, reflecting his drive for devising brilliant, media-agnostic creative solutions. Through his work for Marvel Studios and major global brands, he has helped to land Cannes Lions and Emmy Awards, among many others. Building on his intense studies in computer animation and fine art at DePaul University, Stefan’s broad technical and creative foundations continue fueling his passion for design to new heights.

“As long as I’ve been freelance I’ve been working with Erin, Steven and Duarte, so this feels like landing back home,” Stefan said. “I’ve always found Erin to be a great creative sounding board and respected her commitment to design as a driving force behind all the work they do. I think we both see design as going well beyond beautiful visuals: It’s deeply understanding and considering what’s right to meet our clients’ goals.”

Stefan continued, “I’m especially excited to be a part of building something and helping to grow and mentor a team of top-notch creatives. I am where I am in the industry because of a few people who were willing to talk to a teenager about what they do. I hope to have a positive impact on the next generation of young artists in this field.”

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