Royal Canin partners with Uber Pet for “Take Your Cat to the Vet”

(Courtesy Royal Canin)

In a bid to support their annual “Take Your Cat to the Vet” campaign, Royal Canin U.S., a division of Mars, Incorporated and a leader in pet health nutrition, has teamed up with Uber Pet and renowned advocate for feline welfare, Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw.

Starting today, Royal Canin will provide an Uber voucher offering up to $10 off the first 5,000 eligible rides to the veterinarian booked via Uber Pet in 15 major U.S. cities.

With more than 90 million cats residing in U.S. households, it’s concerning that less than half receive a yearly veterinary examination. A survey commissioned by the pet brand revealed that nearly 30 percent of participants refrained from taking their cats to the vet for routine check-ups due to the inconvenience it posed.

For urban pet owners, these challenges are compounded by transportation issues. In response to these hurdles, Royal Canin aims to make the journey to the vet more accessible by reducing the transportation barrier for cat owners in major cities.

Shaw, also known as Kitten Lady, commented on the importance of regular veterinary visits, stating, “Cats are such stoic animals that you often don’t know when they are hiding an illness or injury, but it’s up to us, their caregivers, to be their advocate.”

Royal Canin 2023 Cat2Vet Campaign

A respected voice in the feline community, Shaw emphasized the significance of prioritizing regular veterinary care. Drawing from her own recent medical experience with her cat, she expressed her enthusiasm for partnering with Royal Canin to help cat owners stay informed and proactive about feline health and preventive care.

As part of the initiative, Hannah Shaw will guide consumers through the process of taking their cats to the vet, starting with encouraging pet owners to take Royal Canin’s pledge to prioritize their cat’s veterinary care. In collaboration with Royal Canin veterinarians, Hannah will share valuable tips to assist in the transportation of cats to vet appointments through a social media series titled “Cat En Route.” Additionally, she will provide a comprehensive checklist titled “Cat @ Vet,” offering essential questions for consumers to ask their veterinarians during their appointments.

Racquel White, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Royal Canin North America, expressed excitement about being part of an innovative solution with Uber Pet to facilitate annual vet visits for urban pet owners.

She stated, “Royal Canin strives to create a better world for pets, and we are thrilled to offer this partnership to make veterinary care more accessible. It is also an honor to continue our collaboration with Hannah Shaw as she shares her firsthand experiences highlighting the critical importance of veterinary care for cat health.”

The Uber voucher codes will be redeemable in the following U.S. cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, St. Louis, and Washington D.C.

As pet owners are encouraged to prioritize their cat’s health, this collaborative effort between Royal Canin, Uber Pet, and Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw seeks to ensure that feline companions receive the necessary veterinary care they deserve.

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