Eight O’Clock Coffee drags coffee trends in new campaign


In a world where coffee trends seem to have gone to extremes, Eight O’Clock Coffee, renowned as America’s original gourmet coffee, is serving up a steaming cup of humor with its latest campaign created by Havas.

Aptly titled “Coffee Craze,” this playful campaign features two spots that cleverly poke fun at the current coffee fads while underlining the brand’s commitment to delivering a superior coffee experience, whether you prefer it black or adorned with extravagant mix-ins.

The whimsical campaign captures the essence of today’s coffee culture, where extravagant concoctions have become the norm. It humorously highlights the absurdity of some of the latest coffee trends, bringing a smile to the faces of coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

Amid the sea of whippity-dippity drinks and over-the-top mix-ins, Eight O’Clock Coffee stands as a beacon of quality, offering coffee that is so good, you’ll want to savor it in its pure, unadulterated form. Watch below:

Eight O’Clock Coffee’s “Coffee Craze” campaign is not only a humorous commentary on the coffee trends of today but also a reminder of the timeless satisfaction found in a great cup of coffee.


CLIENT: Eight O’Clock Coffee


  • CCO/Managing Partner: Pete Kasko
  • ECDs: AnaLiza Alba & Jeff Spangler
  • Executive Producer: Suz Grossman

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