Reel interview with “Rel” cast member Eric Lane

Eric Lane

Eric Lane

“We come
together as a whole
… it’s not a black
or white thing …
people decide that
they want to make films.
… that’s the key.”

Actor Eric Lane has a lot of things keeping him busy these days, including a role in the pilot episode of Fox’s Rel, which premieres Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

But the Chicago native still found time to travel back from his current home in L.A. and offer support at the Siskel Center’s Black Harvest Film Festival last month.

Speaking to Reel Chicago, he mentioned “togetherness” as one of the most encouraging changes that has occurred in the African American film community during his career.

“We come together as a whole whenever we do anything,” he explained. “And it’s not just a black or white thing. It’s just family, friends: people decide that they want to make films and do things together. That’s the key thing.”



Before joining the cast of Rel, Lane appeared in Barbershop, Empire, Chi-Raq the Series, and dozens of other films and TV programs. In the series — which is based on the life of Lil Rel Howery, another Chicagoan, he plays Frank, “the neighborhood barber.”

Although Lane did not reveal many details about his role, the show’s trailer suggests that the character is essential to the story. Other cast members include Sinbad, Jessica ‘Jess Hilarious’ Moore, and Jordan L. Jones.



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