OddMachine uses disruption to build a better ‘Machina’


OddMachine is a full service production and post-production company founded in 2008, producing great creative content for brands and advertisers, located at 900 N Franklin St. Suite 850, Chicago.

Times of unprecedented disruption can also be an opportunity to invest in expanded capabilities. Such was the case when Chicago based production and post hybrid OddMachine unveiled the newest addition to their effects rendering capabilities with the completion of the “ OddMachina. ” The custom built device is used for complex simulations, building and rendering 3d environments and compositing. “I love being able to bring the newest technology to our artists and clients. This machine gives us hyper-speed render times, which allows more passes to dial in our final looks.” says OddMachine Co-Founder and Post Supervisor Chris Shegich.

It was constructed from a prototype built last year with 8 GPU cards. That unit was evenfaster; however, the cost outweighed the performance. They decided to go with 4 cards, which are liquid cooled, then overclock the graphics cards and processor to get maximum speeds. The OddMachina is improving the 30 node render farm that was installed when OddMachine opened their River North Post Production HQ in 2014.

Assembly of the custom built device began planning earlier this year by graphic department heads Chris Hooker and Nathan Davies, but the final stages of its completion came during the downturn caused by Covid-19. The system was benchmark tested against the existing machines on a previous project that featured Mike Rowe in a fully 3d generated background. Machinist Chris Hooker said the “ OddMachina handled them at blazing speeds, and rendered film quality frames in minutes.” For stylized peek at the device, check out the video below.

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The OddMachine team has fully adapted to the challenges of working remotely during the shelter in place order. Production and post have found creative ways to work within the changing health and safety measures. “We’ve always viewed our role as a partner that provides our clients with creative talent and problem solvers. As a production company, every project we take on starts with some aspect that seems out of scope or out of reach. This seems to be the industry norm for the last decade. We thrive on rising to meet these challenges; it’s how we’ve built our company over twelve years. This has been another opportunity to prove our ability to provide real solutions,” said Director/Owner Seth Henrikson.

OddMachine is currently prepping for three upcoming commercial productions both locally and in re-opened states including a multi-disciplinary approach to the development of a hybrid puppet + CG animated character. “Having the ability to shoot and do animation out of our own stage has always been a great benefit, now more than ever. We’ve implemented new practices and workflows so that production stays in accordance with health regulations. Our production team is built to be nimble and efficient so it’s a transition that plays to our strengths,” said Executive Producer Alec Pinkston.

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“Unveiling of the OddMachina” Video Credits:
Edited by Chris Shegich
Graphics by Chris Hooker and N8 Davies
Mix by Michael DeAngelis
Color by Debra Shegich
Voiceover by Gene Jones
Copy by Alec Pinkston

For More Information Visit: Odd Machine