Alex Pissios talks future of Chicago production


Nowhere can the pandemic’s financial impact be felt more than in the city’s once thriving production industry. Shows such as Empire, the Dick Wolf “Chicago” shows, Shameless and commercials positioned Chicago as the midwest hub for networks and studios. Once productions were forced to shutter, everyone from actors to craft services suddenly found themselves out of work.

However, one person who could not be flattened is the always optimistic Alexander Pissios, President of Cinespace Chicago. Instead of allowing the studio to sink into a depression, Pissios quickly converted 20,000 sq. ft. of the studio’s 50 acres into a resource for the city’s food depository. Being the philanthropist that he is, Pissios held a dinner for 200 healthcare workers.

Now, with Prague, South Africa as well as Minnesota reopening their production doors, Pissios is thinking ahead to when production returns to Chicago. Watch the video below to hear Alex’s thoughts on production in a post-COVID world.

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With CBS now announcing their fall schedule, production can’t be that far away and when it does eventually happen, you can be sure Alex and company will be ready.

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