mike’s Hard Lemonade distributes Brighter Times


mike’s Hard Lemonade
unveils pop-up newsstands
and curated newspaper
to kick off summer

Want some good news today?

Like really, really good news? mike’s Hard Lemonade and AOR, Havas Formula, last week, kicked off the launch of its good news, Happy Feed initiative nationwide.

Say hello to The Brighter Times, a customized pop-up newsstand that will appear in 10 cities for the summer.

Now according to a Havas spokeswoman, The Brighter Times, isn’t your like your Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal.

And definitely not like The New York Post.

The pub actually features only positive, smile-worthy stories curated by influencer Tanks Good News, whose Instagram page and website are both devoted to sharing feel-good tales and spreading positivity through storytelling.

Think of it as cat videos brought to ink. Watch the teaser video below:

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“We’ve identified news fatigue as a real issue and have addressed it through amplifying good news in unique ways. In creating our own newspaper, we also did it in mike’s style—integrating internet culture and unexpected surprises to make a statement in a way that resonates with our audience,” said Sanjiv Gajiwala, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

image001Designed to bring together the best elements of Instagram and traditional paper news sources, The Brighter Times features 18 articles divided into different categories, from “Stories on the bright side” and “Real Life Heroes” to “Good Business” and “Tank’s Picks.”

“The goal of my social media content is to put smiles on the faces of as many people as I possibly can,” said George ‘Tank’ Resch, founder of Tanks Good News. “Through this partnership with mike’s Hard Lemonade, I’ll be able to do this on a whole new level and share some fan-favorite stories of hope, optimism and happiness in a new format.”

Happy Feed is part of a larger summer initiative from mike’s Hard Lemonade that uses good news as a means to spread happiness and continues the evolution of the brand’s mantra, “Drink on the bright side.” To witness Happy Feed for yourself, check out the teaser video, here, or visit North Riverside Plaza.

Source: Havas Formula