Interfirst plans to hire 250 Chicago area teachers as mortgage loan officers

Interfirst – a leading digital mortgage company – announced plans to hire up to 250 teachers searching for a new career from across the Chicago area as mortgage loan officers. This is a major part of its initiative to invest $5 million to expand its presence in the region.

“Teachers build personal relationships with people in their community every day, whether they’re educating their kids, supporting them in a family crisis, or running after-school programs. Moreover, teachers across the Chicago area have shown their determination to serve their communities throughout the pandemic,” said Dhaval Patel, Senior Vice President at Interfirst. “We need service-oriented and driven people who deeply understand the needs of local families, and teachers fit that bill inside and out.”

“First and foremost, Interfirst is in the business of serving people. Our job is to guide people as they buy or refinance a home, one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make. Without their trust, we can’t survive as a company, and few people can build trust quite like teachers can.”

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“Sadly, in recent months we’ve seen many local teachers grow deeply frustrated with the environment they’re being forced to operate in. Many have been laid off or asked to strike, and as a result lots of them are looking to change careers. Interfirst can offer them the opportunity to build a career in an exciting field which empowers them to continue serving the community by using the amazing skills they’ve developed through a lifetime of selflessness.”

Like all of Interfirst’s new hires, the 250 new mortgage loan officers will have the opportunity to undergo a full, expedited training and accreditation program, at no cost to them. This training is state-of-the-art and can be completed in a matter of weeks. This provides an important on-ramp for a career in the mortgage industry at a time when the Chicago real estate market has seen double-digit annual growth in home sales.

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