Highdive and The General launch new campaign with Shaquille O’Neal

The General Insurance is on a journey to tackle and acknowledge the misperceptions that were driven largely by how consumers viewed its previous advertising by launching its new Turns Out 3.0 campaign across a multitude of platforms. This is the third installment of campaigns under its Brand Refresh umbrella. 

Turns Out 3.0 invites everyone to laugh along with the iconic brand star Shaquille O’Neal and his mother, Lucille O’Neal, and tugs on emotional heartstrings. It uses humor as a way to connect with the audience and remind customers that — as it turns out The General is a quality insurance company that has you covered.

“What I love about The General is it’s not only a quality insurance company that you can trust, but it’s a company that has also helped me along the way. This campaign was fun to be a part of, especially since I got to do it alongside my mom. She’s a natural and it’s always special to work together,” said Shaquille O’Neal.

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The new campaign features two entertaining spots, one titled Game Show where iconic brand star Shaquille O’Neal and his mother, Lucille O’Neal, tug on emotional heartstrings during a classic game night, using humor to connect with audiences because, as we all very well know, it turns out mom’s are always right.


The campaign also features a spot titled Wish that has multiple versions for different platforms that include a range of takes and jokes, showing Shaq as a big brother, proving that it turns out some wishes do come true. The spots are lighthearted and call upon nostalgia that may take you back to childhood with your siblings.


The Wish campaign also features Hispanic actors and is offered in Spanish.

The campaign, created by Highdive Advertising, began rolling out on April 25 on TV, digital and social media platforms. The spots were edited by Cutters Chicago, VFX by Flavor, and audio by Another Country.

“Since the inception of the official brand refresh back in February of 2021, it has been a priority to effectively communicate to audiences that we are a quality insurance company dedicated to providing customers with great value for their money,” said Kale Sligh, The General VP of Marketing. “The third installment of the refresh aims to continue to reinforce our brand truth – that, The General is a quality insurance company that has been saving people money for nearly 60 years.”


Client: The General

President, The General: Tiku Raval

Enterprise Chief Marketing Officer, American Family Insurance: Elicia Azali

VP, Marketing: Kale Sligh

Director, Advertising: Amy DiMaio

Director, User Experience & Brand Strategy: Mary Rolandelli

Director, Marketing, Strategy & Campaigns: Chauncey Citchens

Brand Strategist: Taylor Martin

Research Strategist: Savannah Young 

Agency: Highdive

Co-Founder/CCO: Mark Gross

Co-Founder/CCO: Chad Broude

Group Creative Director: Pat Burke

Creative Director: Chip Kelly

Creative Director: David McCradden

Creative Director: Eduardo Vea

Creative Resource Director: Kevin Brown


Copywriter: Tim Flemke

Art Director: Erin Nedelman

“Game Show”

Creative Director, Writer: Chip Kelly

Creative Director, Art Director: David McCradden

Managing Partner, Account and Strategy Lead: Louis Slotkin

Managing Partner, Operations, Account and Strategy: Megan Lally

Group Account Director: C.J. Nielsen 

Account Director: Sarah Wickman

Senior Account Executive: Kristen Schneider

Lead Planner: Sean Girardin 

Head of Production: Jen Passaniti

Executive Producer: Will St. Clair

Producer: Johannah Scarlet

Director of Business Affairs: Kelley Beaman

Production Manager: Annie Paganini

Production Company: Tool of North America

Director: Erich Joiner 

President Dustin Callif

Managing Director Nancy Hacohen

Sr Executive Producer Laura Macauley

Line Producer Mary Church

Editorial: Cutters Chicago

Executive Producer: Heather Richardson

Producer: Natalie Stone

John Dingfield, Editor: “Wish”

Tim LoDolce, Editor: “Game Show”

Assistant Editor: Jack Taylor

VFX: Flavor

Executive Producer: Neal Cohen

Senior Producer: Bruce Rindler

Color, VFX and Finish: Alison Bloom

Audio: Another Country

Executive Producer, Audio: Tim Konn

Producer: Louise Rider

Sound Design & Mix: Peter Erazmus

Audio Assistant: Cathryn Stark

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