Havas creates funeral home in lobby to promote suicide prevention

(Courtesy Havas)

Every 11 minutes, a life is tragically lost to suicide in the United States. Havas Chicago, a creative ad agency, has taken a unique and thought-provoking approach to draw attention to this alarming statistic and inspire action during Suicide Prevention Awareness Week.

The agency has launched a compelling and unconventional initiative by converting its front lobby into what they call the “11 Minutes Funeral Home.” This powerful activation is designed to shed light on the importance of recognizing signs of mental distress and encouraging meaningful conversations about suicide prevention.

Myra Nussbaum, President and Chief Creative Officer of Havas Chicago, told Reel Chicago, “Every 11 minutes, we’re reminded of the heavy silence surrounding mental health. But beginning a dialogue about suicide is infinitely easier than confronting the harrowing choices families face during funeral preparations. With the ’11 Minutes Funeral Home,’ we aim to illuminate this contrast and empower individuals to embark on conversations that can save a life.”

This immersive experience recreates the process of drafting obituaries, selecting caskets and floral arrangements, and delivering the heart-wrenching news to family members. It serves as a poignant representation of the approximately 132 lives lost daily to suicide in America.

Beyond serving as a memorial, this activation encourages attendees to educate themselves about suicide prevention and advocates for open, transparent, and empathetic conversations about mental health.

Upon entering the lobby at 36 E. Grand Avenue, one will be greeted with a visually impactful experience with the following elements:

  • The Hearse: A symbolic visual metaphor positioned outside the agency’s office.
  • The Casket Display: A representation of the tragic aftermath of silence surrounding mental health.
  • In Memoriam Cards: Lifelines encouraging conversations about mental health.
  • Floral Choices: Highlighting the stark contrast between making funeral decisions and initiating a simple conversation.
  • Guestbook for a Cause: An opportunity for visitors to pledge their commitment to the cause of suicide prevention.
“11 Minutes Funeral Home” (CNW Group/Havas Chicago)

The “11 Minutes Funeral Home” is a somber reminder of the heart-wrenching choices that families often face when they remain silent about mental health struggles, leading to the devastating loss of a loved one through suicide.

The lobby is open to the general public on Thursday, September 14th, 2023, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST.

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