FCB’s latest for Glad fuses celebrity with trash bags

Pop culture
on the faces
of fictitious
celebrities is
a weird and
brilliant triumph

FCB helped Glad use pop culture to describe the quality of one of its products in a highly stylized new campaign titled, Anti-Leak.

Promoting the company’s Advanced Protection kitchen bag, the campaign features a series of print ads in which Glad’s trash bags help prevent “leaks” related to themes in the entertainment industry.

“We hope people will think differently of our brand and the key benefit this bag delivers,” explains Nick Higgins, Glad’s Marketing Director. “This modern and fresh point-of-view reflects our desire to remain as loved by consumers today as we have in the past decades,”

Fusing trash bag-shaped comments onto the faces of brilliantly illustrated, fictitious celebrities, the effort is an eye-popping triumph.

“Actor” and “Singer”


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“We are constantly pushing and challenging ourselves on Glad to demonstrate the product benefits in interesting and compelling ways,” adds Lisa Bright, FCB Chicago EVP, Executive Creative Director. “This assignment was no different. Our Anti-Leak campaign delivered on the message that Glad can hold up against even the worst kinds of leaks.”

The first two executions of the series — “Actor” and “Singer” — ran in national print publications, including the May 6 issue of People and the May 3 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The ads will also appear on billboards and posters across the country.