Fresh Step & FCB Chicago launch first-ever streaming adoption for cats

As part of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, Fresh Step, Clorox Company’s premium litter brand, is launching a first-of-its-kind streaming adoption event aiming to unite more cats with a loving family.

In partnership with FCB Chicago and Best Friends Animal Society, Fresh Step will enlist cat-loving gaming influencers to launch live game streams of the popular cat adventure game Stray. While playing, they will also drum up support and drive adoptions for cats living in shelters. The Fresh Step Adopt a Stray events will take place today, November 9 and Thursday, November 10 on Twitch and YouTube on partner platforms.

“A game-based adoption event like this has never been done before,” said Andrés Ordóñez, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Chicago. “With shelters being more crowded than ever, it is an exciting and tech-forward way to unite cats with their forever owners, while celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week in a timely fashion.”

Today (Wednesday, 11/9):

3-4 PM CT / 4-5 PM ET: Abram Engle
4-5 PM CT / 5-6 PM ET: Rikki Chuu
5-6 PM CT / 6-7 PM ET: DayeDreamTV
6-7 PM CT/ 7-8 PM ET: SapNap
7-8 PM CT / 8-9 PM ET: Shipwrecked

Tomorrow (Thursday 11/10):

1 PM CT / 2 PM ET: iHasCupQuake 
1-2PM/ 2-3 PM ET: Nicole Tompkins

If you missed these dates you can catch this in its entirety here.

“Fresh Step is committed to helping cats in need find a loving home and that’s why we are so excited about this program,” said Elaine Lee, Brand Manager at Fresh Step. “We know that cats touch the lives of so many people, including the passionate gaming community, and we are thrilled to have their support as we connect more cats with a family.”

To help advocate for the 3.2 million cats who enter animal shelters nationwide each year, Fresh Step has created digital replicas of real cats who are currently up for adoption at Best Friends lifesaving shelters. During the Adopt a Stray events, partner gaming influencers will use the adoptable cat avatars while playing Stray and will share more information about these cats that can be adopted.

“I’m passionate about this project because seeing abandoned cats, cats without shelter, or abused/neglected cats saddens me,” said Abram Engle, Digital Creator. “Cats have even proven to improve your mental health from therapist. How could you not love them? I always recommend adoption. It’s the way to go. These cats deserve a second chance and a loving home, on top of that, YOU deserve a loving and caring cat!” 

Viewers and participants will be able to use the chat function on Twitch and YouTube to see real photos and learn about the adoptable cats. They will also be invited to fill out adoption forms to welcome one of these furry friends home.

FCB Credits List:


Danilo Boer: Global Creative Partner

Andrés Ordóñez: Chief Creative Officer FCB Chicago

Avital Pinchevsky: Global Executive Creative Director – EVP

Justin Enderstein: Executive Creative Director- SVP

Ricardo Vallejo: Associate Creative Director

Freddy Agostini: Associate Creative Director

Will Robertson: Senior Copywriter 

Max Dawson: 3D Art Designer


Cary Pierce – Account Global Director – EVP 

Kadi Jacobs – Management Director – VP

Ann Glennon – Account Director

Digital Platforms: 

Fernando Espejel: Chief Technology Officer FCB Chicago

Michelle Oben: Digital Platforms – SVP 

Samantha Merkin: Senior Influencer Manager


Kerry Hill: Director of Production North America – EVP 

José Julián Acosta: Director of Production – SVP 

Stacy Sinason – Senior Producer

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