Flavor creates masterful montage of AICP Post Awards


Flavor created a masterfully designed package highlighting some of the 16 total minutes of original content created for the 2020 AICP Post Awards… all accompanied by a brilliant score by Yessian.

Building on the epic legacy of the AICE organization, which officially merged with the AICP in 2018, The AICP Post Awards continue to celebrate the artistry and creativity of the post-production arts. For 2020, the ceremony premiered online June 17 – having moved online in response to COVID-19. 

With the program’s rich history and laser focus on positive recognition of excellence among marketing, production and post-production professionals –our friends at creative production studio Flavor have shared their masterful design work packaging the 2020 AICP Post Awards.

Chris Franklin is the Owner and an Editor at Big Sky Edit in New York, and he served as this year’s AICP Post Awards Chair. In this capacity, he led program development, including selecting the companies providing editorial, graphics and music. Cutters Studios is a longstanding AICE/AICP member company, and they quickly stepped up to provide editorial services. From there, the committee chose Flavor – Cutters’ animation/VFX collective – for design. The show’s captivating score is courtesy of Yessian.

“When the AICP Awards were moved online in response to the COVID-19 restrictions on the size of gatherings, as well as shelter-at-home orders, Flavor pivoted beautifully to bring this amazing concept to fruition,” explained Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP.

Flavor Co-Directors/Creative Directors Jason Cook and Brian McCauley described their unifying design concept (a scientist stuck inside a lab, conducting new experiments) as something they felt most people could relate to. Cook added, “Only this lab is a highly art-directed world where the experiments manifest in ways that are silly, irreverent, playful and weird.”

To McCauley, “It really was the perfect idea, because it allowed all of our creatives to contribute with their strengths. There’s design, 2D, 3D, particles, hair, cloth sims, dynamics, and for those who actually paid attention in school, real science equations.”

Complete Project Credits: 2020 AICP Post Awards Show Package

Project Name: 2020 AICP Post Awards Show Package
Debut Date: June 17, 2020
Main Tools: Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Arnold, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Foundry’s Nuke, Insydium X-Particles
Official Website: http://www.aicppostawards.com
Montage: https://vimeo.com/flavor/aicp2020 
Behind the Scenes: http://aicp2020.flavor.tv

Client: AICP

Design/Animation/Production Company: Flavor
Directors/Creative Directors: Jason Cook, Brian McCauley
Executive Producers: Neal Cohen, Darren Jaffe
Senior Producer: Wendy Umanzor
Art Director: Ella Yoon
CG Supervisor: Josh Studebaker
Senior Motion Designer: Brad Backofen
Designer/Animators: Andy Becker, Colby Capes, Jason Cook, Rob Churchill, Adam Kohr, Jake Wilson
CG/Effects Artist: Emily Berveiler
CG Artist/Animators: Andy Becker, Nicholas Mouhot, Keith Slawinski, Paul Williams
Colorist: Chris Elliott
VFX/Finish: Rob Churchill

Awards Intro Production Company: Dictionary Films
Awards Intro Director/DP: Brian Broeckelman
Awards Intro On Camera Talent: Isabella Alonso

Editorial Company: Cutters
Managing Director: Craig Duncan
Chief Technology Officer: Ryan Schnizlein
Editor: Tom Brassil
Senior I/O Specialist: Julie Klos

Music/Sound Design Company: Yessian
Head Of Production: Michael Yessian
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Yessian
Sound Designer: Ben Lantz
Composer: Mark Chu