Explore creates humor & suspense for new Go RVing spot

With a tough week behind us, and possibly some tougher days ahead, we figured no better time than now to spread a little sunshine, by going behind the scenes of Explore’s outdoor vs. indoor comedy spot, “Stubborn Camper.”

Chicago production company Explore created wind and rain to go along with the humor and suspense in two new spots written and directed by Brendan Beachman for Go RVing, a brand marketing initiative that advertises for the entire RV industry.

Focusing on a pair of couples who take different approaches to life in the great outdoors, the story shows how living in a recreational vehicle is much more enjoyable than camping in a tent. Stormy weather and a testament to modern-day comfort ensue.


A roof over your head

“Let’s face it: being outside is wonderful, but you can only tent-camp so long without running into trouble, just like our characters” says Explore’s Executive Producer, Jeremy Pinckert. “It’s nice to have a roof over your head when you sleep.”


When Go RVing tapped Explore to help make the comparison funny without offending anyone, Pinckert “naturally” turned to director Brendan Beachman, a filmmaker with “amazing” comedic timing who “brings a cinematic scope into everything he touches.” 

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The partnership was perfect. 

“Go RVing had a rough outline of what they wanted but they’re very open to ideas,” he recalls. “Brendan is very collaborative and he nailed the script.”

The crew filmed in a “park that looks just like a forest” just a short distance away from the Santa Monica beachfront. Working with local cast and crew, Beachman and Explore only had one day of production to get it right.

“We had enough in the budget for about two opportunities to get the rain right and then we had to shoot a scene with two wet cast members,” he recalls. “We also had to shoot wind effects practically, and then of course the crescendo of the spot calls for mosquitos which we added in post.”

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They also felt that a degree of suspense would help get the point across, but were determined not to present the great outdoors as “a scary endeavor.” To get it done, Beachman added a campy thrill to the mix while setting up a visual jolt that will surprise viewers, bringing everything, and everyone, home. 

“We’re big believers in Brendan,” says Pinckert. “His commercials always stand out because they have that extra hook, joke, or twist, adding memorable layers of depth.”


Client: RVIA “Go RVing”
Produced by: Explore
Executive Producer: Jeremy Pinckert
Director: Brendan Beachman
Producer: Jed Herold
“Derek” Male Tent Camper: Phil Daddario
“Karen” Female Tent Camper: Kaitlin Marnie
“Adam” Male RV Camper: Jordan Hubbard
“Lisa” Female RV Camper: Diana Coconubo
DP: Colin Arndt
Post Production: Explore
Editor: C.J. Arellano
Colorist: Ron Sudul, Nice Shoes
Sound Design: Dan Bewick
Production Supervisor: Orren Herold
1st AD: Carl Jackson
1st AC: Bill Robinson
2nd AC: Noah Glazer
Utility: Tedd Phu-Thank-Danh
Gaffer: Team Bashet
Best Boy: Jonathan Coney
Key Grip: Kenneth Marc
Best Boy Grip: Sean Talbott
Art Director: Ryan Coombe
Set Dresser: Theo Cohn
Set Dresser: Brendan Sheley
Sound Mixer: Doug Pearson
Special FX Rain: Runs With Scissors FX
Wardrobe: Andrew Salazar
Makeup: Stephanie Crowley
Crafty: Beth Farmer
PA: Ehren Schulz
PA: Izzy Aragon
PA: Kristopher Ballard