Ding-dong ditch your neighbor with Chili’s Margs-to-go


O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul and Chili’s invented a ding-dong ditch with benefits and we love it.

With the insight that everyone needs a little extra care right now, OKRP is working with Chili’s to inspire others to #MargBomb friends, family and neighbors. Not only is Chili’s urging others to secretly drop off some Chili’s to go Margaritas, but they are also paying for those Margs for those who need it most.


Chili’s will selectively drop $5 in its guests Venmo account when they post a particularly compelling story on its social pages about why someone they know REALLY deserves a #MargBomb. 

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Here’s how the ding-dong ditch works: Guests order a margarita to go, drive it to a loved one’s home, carefully place the margs on the front porch (because precious cargo), ring the doorbell and RUN!

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