OKRP creates new ‘ITA!’ campaign for Chili’s

O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul celebrates the experience of dining at Chili’s in a new spot titled, Go Out to ‘Ita. Packed with family, friends, and food, it is the multi-sensory heart of a new campaign showcasing menu items ending in ‘ita,’ such as the margarita and fajita.

The ITA! campaign includes the new spot as well as a wide variety of social posts, traditional broadcast, and online digital, radio, and more to come, all from OKRP.

The commercial, Go Out to ‘Ita, choreographs a montage of family, friends, food, and fun with sizzling, shaking, and crunching audio effects.




Out to ‘ITA!
In a press release issued today, Chili’s explained the visceral emphasis of its new tagline.

So what exactly does it mean to go “Out to ‘ITA!?”

Going out to eat is using your indoor voice … going Out to “‘ITA!” is laughing so hard you pee a little. Out to eat is putting your phone down… “Out to ‘ITA!” is showing your mom a meme and making a TikTok with your dad!

Going out to eat is stuffy, but going “Out to ‘ITA!” is leaving absolutely stuffed. Out to eat is following the rules and going “Out to ‘ITA!” means coming as you are.

The campaign runs along with a Chili’s special offering: sizzling chicken or shrimp fajitas on the restaurant’s 3 for $10 lunch menu, back by popular demand.

Consumers can learn where to find all things Out to ‘ITA! by clicking here.