Burrell supports Girl Scouts’ Virtual Cookie Booth

Burrell Communications is showing their love for Girl Scout Cookies by supporting the organization’s new Virtual Cookie Booth. By posting a green square to their Instagram account, the agency is in solidarity with The Girl Scouts of America– and with the Scout’s relief efforts during COVID-19.

When in-person cookie booths and door-to-door sales for the scouts were no longer options, the Girl Scouts of America launched the Girl Scouts Cookie Care campaign. 

The initiative allows cookie fans to order their thin mints and samoas online and have the boxes delivered straight to their doors. Buyers on the site are also given the opportunity to purchase Girl Scout Cookies that will be delivered straight to essential workers during pandemic.

Burrell’s VP account director Carla Hood spoke to Reel Chicago about Burrell, and the company’s support behind the Green Square Cookie Booth.  “Who doesn’t want a cookie right now?”, Carla asked, earnestly. “We’re excited about the opportunity to put smiles on people’s faces.” 

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Burrell stepped up to the plate, posting the Green Square to their own platform after being nominated by client, Ferrara Candy Company. 

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It seems the Girls Scout’s Cookie Care campaign may have been inspired by one of their own youngest members. On the girl scout’s website, you can find a charming anecdote about Allie, a cadet in troop 415 from Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands. 

Allie’s troop still had 200 boxes of inventory left to sell when their usual door to door sales tactics had to be tossed out in the midst of COVID-19Not to be easily deterred, Allie had an idea: Allie wrote a script! She and her troop mate Daisy Caroline filmed the dialog on a front porch. 

Ferrara partnered with Little Brownie Bakers (a licensed Girl Scout Cookie baker) and launched the social media challenge in partnership with the Girl Scouts.

Thanks to the the release of their little movie, not only did Troop 415 sell all of their remaining cookies, but they were also able to donate six cases to Aiken Regional Medical Center in Aiken, South Carolina, four cases to University hospital in Augusta, Georgia, and 6 more cases to first response teams in Aiken.

Katie Miller, the scout leader for Troop 415 had this to say: “The girls were all really happy that we were able to help our community in a small way and put a smile on the faces of the nurses, doctors, and first responders that are all working so hard to keep us all safe and healthy.”

She added,  “I think there are a lot of possibilities for girls to help their community as Girl Scouts and be leaders not just while the crisis is happening, but also after the worst part is past us.”

Cookie sales help to provide scouting opportunities for all girl-scouts, camping and community leadership, as well as environmental sustainability programs. With Green Square Cookie Booth, now your cookie purchases can also help provide some sweet relief during a national crisis.

Over one million boxes of cookies have been sold through this initiative.  On their site, you will also be provided with the option to purchase cookies that will be donated safely to first responders, volunteers and causes in need to to help provide comfort and relief during Covid-19. 

During these difficult times, the scouts have been busy with their relief efforts, even the youngest troops, the Daisies, have been making masks and supporting local hospitals

Want to help the initiative? Go on and share the green square to your own instagram profile #virtualcookiebooth.

SOURCE: Instagram

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