Burnett, Maker’s Mark leave mark on new campaign

Maker's Mark
(Courtesy Leo Burnett)

Maker’s Mark Bourbon has introduced its new global brand campaign, ‘Make Your Mark,’ which serves as a unifying lens for all aspects of brand development worldwide.

Created by Leo Burnett, this tasty new campaign launch marks a significant step as Maker’s Mark aims to establish itself as an iconic global American whisky brand, building on its strong foundation in North America.

The core of ‘Make Your Mark’ is anchored in the brand’s purpose-driven values, which have remained consistent since its inception in 1953. The campaign seeks to inspire others to challenge norms, question conventions, and leave their mark on the world, akin to the way Maker’s Mark has transformed the American whiskey industry.

KK Hall, Global Brand Vice President of Maker’s Mark, emphasized that the campaign embodies the brand’s ethos and experience, representing a continuation of the innovative spirit set forth by the brand’s founders, Bill Sr. and Margie Samuels.

The couple’s determination to create a superior bourbon led them to break conventional boundaries and craft something extraordinary. The campaign aims to encapsulate and share this mindset with whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

The debut film content of the campaign, titled ‘They Say,’ features bold cinematic creative that stands out within the American whiskey category. While highlighting the handmade craftsmanship that sets Maker’s Mark apart, ‘They Say’ showcases various scenarios that illustrate the possibilities that emerge when individuals challenge conventional wisdom in pursuit of progress. Watch below:

The campaign encompasses more than just the debut film creative. It includes a relaunch of the brand’s global website, a consumer ambassador program, limited-edition product releases, media partnerships, retail initiatives, experiential activities, and public relations efforts. The campaign is slated to become an integral part of additional markets in 2024.

Starting its journey in the United States and subsequently rolling out in Canada in August, with a global release planned for 2024, the campaign’s hero film will be available in various durations, from 30 seconds to six seconds, for use across television, over-the-top media, online video platforms, digital, and social media.

The creative concept was developed by Burnett under the guidance of Executive Creative Director Sam Shepard, and the film was directed by acclaimed music video and commercial director Henry Scholfield.

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